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Wyoming,   April 24, 2007
Case 2:2007cv00085/16229, some of the participants — ᐅ Township North, ᐅ Range West 

At the US District Court for the District of Wyoming, the legal case 2:2007cv00085/16229 entails Questar Overthrust Pipeline Company and Township 18 North, Range 105 West, Section: 12, Sweetwater County, Wyoming and Red Inc. The filing date is April 24, 2007, and this case deals with Condemnation as per 15 U.S.C. § 717 Natural Gas Act. Judge William C Beaman, Clarence A Brimmer is presiding over this matter, and no jury trial is demanded.
Wyoming,   October 25, 2012
Case 2:2012mc00058/24582, some of the participants — ᐅ Quazi Mohammad Nafis, ᐅ James Eagan Holmes 

Alright, check it—Quazi Mohammad Nafis is up against Federal Reserve Bank and James Eagan Holmes. Case number case 2:2012mc00058/24582, kicked off on October 25, 2012. It's about Other and it's in front of Judge Nancy D Freudenthal.
Wyoming,   June 21, 2022
Case 1:2022cv00134/61226, some of the participants — ᐅ Quinton Brown, ᐅ Glen Merica 

At the US District Court for the District of Wyoming, case 1:2022cv00134/61226 involves Quinton Brown bringing a case against Glen Merica. Filed on June 21, 2022, this case addresses issues related to Motor Vehicle based on 28 U.S.C. § 1332 Diversity-Auto Negligence. The case is presided over by Judge Kelly H Rankin, with Referring Judge Scott W Skavdahl also involved. It's essential to note that Plaintiff has demanded a jury for this case.

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