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How do I look up someone’s criminal record in Texas?
To check criminal records in-person, one can visit the Sheriff’s Office or a local court. Finally, there are third-party websites that have accurate criminal history databases to search for a criminal record, such as this website. A search can be initiated by filling out the search box.
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2 thoughts on “Case Search – Texas (TX)”

  1. Good Morning
    I am the petitioner/plaintiff in this case’s Name : LARBI SEMIANI .
    I have comment on the System of justice in USA , even as a defendant in case of judgment before the Ca court , and even as being a victim of human trafficking and serious criminal activities , physical and moral tortures , Unfortunately I am deliberately precluded from the equal access to an equal justice .
    Incredible true , The ca court requires my appearance in person for an oral hearing , but the US Consular officer refuses to respect the Ca court orders and Ca laws , he rejects the orders and decisions of the Ca Hon Judges , .
    In conclusion , I am informed that there is no a visa to enter USA for court trial , oral hearing . But the worst is that The US Consul and DOS Washington dc affirm that the decision of the US Consular in my country is above the Ca courts and Ca hon judges .
    The US Consul is the highest Judge who has an immunity that allows him to be above the First amendment to US Constitution , and above all the US Lower laws .
    RESULT : Imagin that my case is pended and my case is forwarded to the Ca LEAs for investigations but the problem without my appearance neither the CA court nor the CA LEA can do anything , then my case of judgment not be resolved .
    Here is the resum of my comment , I think that there is something wrong somewhere if there is no an error to correct and to respect the nature of justice and nature of litigation . The Obstruction of justice is prohibited by Law but it is authorized only when the victim is / LARBI SEMIANI FROM Algeria.
    Comment on the No comment

    I already sent comment here but i noticed that there is no any other comment to support me . But I continue sending comments as i also need to be heard by the US Citizens , US Gov , and California state courts and Gov agencies .
    I am very wondered as what has been done with my case may not be occured because my human and civil rights to be respected of human person then to access for an equal justice as being defendant in case of judgment before the Ca court but Ca court has only heard from petitioner , Hon court has imposed me a case of judgment but it has banned me from hearing and defense then the petitioner was defended and protected , even hon ca court was well informed on all what has been occured to me as a victim but without intervening at least to defend its own credibility as court of justice , incredible true . I had wished to defend the ca court law an d the ca constitution see bills of rights and better to report my case because all the shame is regarding the fradulent nature of litigation and obstruction of justice and violation of the US Constitution , and violation of the universal declarations of human rights .
    I don t see what to say more because it is the only case worldwide which occurs .
    Respectfully to all who will read my comment.
    thanks to all


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