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  1. I’m waiting for the jurisdiction , punitive damage to plaintiff emotional distress mental agony, depression , anxiety , insomnia nightmares , lost of wage defamation . I’m seeking for justice … sanctions condemnation costs attorneys fees including the final judgment presiding judge rosana malouf Peterson with the post/pre settlement meet and confer and I know justice will prevail . sincerely , Therese Lalumiere

  2. Lalumiere 1:16 cv 3133 / willow springs cares inc et al Yakima wa litigation started 07/07/2016 presiding judge Rosana malouf Peterson that judge did a dismissal with prejudice and striked the case . Plaintiff went further 9CCA they gave the defendant Hyatt corporation Yakima wa a mandate orders that they have to produce discovery evidences …. Now we are at the CBCA 6683 for the defendant’s to produce discovery theirs texts emails on that specific date 04/19/2015 eleven employees that it’s related to the plaintiff witness written letter date 03/12/2017 . That case is about a License Nurse descrimination in a skilled nursing facility . I’m still waiting for the final judgment and I’m seeking for Justice . Sincerely , Therese Lalumiere


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