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XYZ Corporation
More Information
Unincorporated Association Identified on Schedule "A", Partnerships Filed: June 09, 2020
# 1:2020cv03391 -
Contract: Insurance §15:44
Judge: Edmond E Chang
Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS
More Information
LLC, Fera Pharmaceuticals Filed: February 23, 2017
# 1:2017cv01408 -
Other Contract §28:2201
Judge: Virginia M. Kendall
Xerox Corporation
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LLC, Dot Press Filed: August 26, 2016
# 1:2016cv08385 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: Joan H. Lefkow
Xcelerated Transportation Group LLC
More Information
Navistar Inc Filed: November 05, 2015
# 1:2015cv09981 -
Other Contract §28:1346
Judge: Joan B. Gottschalljury demanded by Both
Xtreme Xperience
More Information
Nolan Brown Filed: May 21, 2015
# 1:2015cv04527 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: John Z. Lee
More Information
Inc., TJMJ Filed: February 03, 2015
# 1:2015cv01088 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: Andrea R. Woodjury demanded by Plaintiff
XPO Logistics
More Information
Inc., , Taylor Made Express, Brandy Gallatin Filed: February 12, 2013
# 1:2013cv01163 -
Contract: Other §28:1332 Diversity-Breach
Judge: Joan H. Lefkow
XL Specialty Insurance Co.
More Information
HS & Co., Charles Botchway, Richard Inc., Houlihan, Andrew D. Smith Filed: August 07, 2012
# 1:2012cv06221 -
Insurance §28:1332
Judge: Rebecca R. Pallmeyer
Xun Energy
More Information
Lea Kennedy Filed: November 04, 2011
# 3:2011cv00983 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: Donald G. Wilkerson
XL Speciality Insurance Company
More Information
Jr, Sandra Dixon Jiles, Paul J King, Sham Dabadghao Filed: April 25, 2008
# 1:2008cv02377 -
Plaintiff §Diversity
Judge: William J. Hibblerjury demanded by 02:431 Fed. Election Commission: Failure Enforce Compliance
Xiaolin Wu
More Information
S.C., The Peoria-Tazewell Pathology Group, S.C Cash Balance Pension Plan, The Peoria-Tazewell Pathology Group Filed: February 05, 2016
# 1:2016cv01047 -
Labor: E.R.I.S.A. §29:1132 E.R.I.S.A.-Employ
Judge: Michael M. Mihm
Xavier Pillajo
More Information
Chicago Medallion Management Corp., Sam Shtayner Filed: October 04, 2011
# 1:2011cv06986 -
Fair Labor Standards Act §29:201
Judge: Marvin E. Aspen
XPO Global Forwarding
More Information
Johnnie D Taylor, Lisa A Taylor, Inc, GARMCO (USA), Webb Global Transfer LLC Filed: May 15, 2020
# 1:2020cv02920 -
Miscellaneous Cases §28:1332
Judge: Elaine E Bucklojury demanded by Plaintiff
Xuejun Zoe Makhsous
More Information
Ying Ding, US Immigration Fund, Regional Center Co-Manager, US Immigration Fund-NY, 701 TSQ1000 Funding, LLC, NYC 1000 Investment, NYC 2000 Investment, LLC, LLC, LLC, USIF, LLC, LLC, 1568 Broadway Funding 100 GP, Nicholas A M, LLC, Capital 600 Investments Filed: February 19, 2019
# 1:2019cv01230 -
Racketeer/Corrupt Organization §18:1961
Judge: Andrea R Wood
Xavian Insurance Company
More Information
Xavian Holdings
More Information
Boeing Capital Corporation, The Boeing Company Filed: September 11, 2018
# 1:2018cv06222 -
Other Statutory Actions §
Judge: Thomas M Durkinjury demanded by Both
Xavier Richard Sotelo
More Information
RRCA Accounts Management, Inc. Filed: April 27, 2017
# 3:2017cv50128 -
Consumer Credit §15:1692
Judge: Philip G. Reinhardjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xenia Dylag
More Information
EduCap, Inc. Filed: March 03, 2016
# 1:2016cv02808 -
Banks and Banking §28:1441
Judge: John Z. Lee
Xochitl Caldera
More Information
Dex Products, Prince Lionheart Inc., Summer Infant (USA), Inc, Inc., Kiwi Holdings, Munchkin, Inc, Kid Brands, Learning Curve Brands Inc, Inc., Baby Delight Inc., Inc. Filed: November 10, 2010
# 1:2010cv07258 -
Other §28:1332
Judge: Charles P. Kocorasjury demanded by Defendant
Xavier Maratre
More Information
Advanced Credit Recovery, Inc. Filed: June 29, 2009
# 1:2009cv03898 -
Plaintiff §15:1692 Fair Debt Collect
Judge: jury demanded by Plaintiff
XSTO Solutions
More Information
Inc., DSM Nutritional Products, B&D Inc. Nutritional Ingredients, Filed: August 13, 2008
# 1:2008cv04620 -
Plaintiff §Federal Question
Judge: Susan E. Coxjury demanded by 28:1331 Federal Question
Xavier Joshua
More Information
John Doe, LLC., ARS Recovery Services Filed: July 23, 2008
# 1:2008cv04171 -
Plaintiff §Federal Question
Judge: John W. Darrahjury demanded by 15:1692 Fair Debt Collection Act
Xing Yin
More Information
Michael B. Mukasey, Michael Chertoff, Gerald S. Heinauer, Robert Muller, Emilio T Gonzales Filed: March 12, 2008
# 1:2008cv01463 -
None §U.S. Government Defendant
Judge: Milton I. Shadurjury demanded by 28:1361 Petition for Writ of Mandamus
Xiang Chen
More Information
Michael Chertoff, Emilio T Gonzalez, Gerard S. Heinauer, Robert Mueller‚ III Filed: January 03, 2008
# 1:2008cv00059 -
Other Statutory Actions §28:1361 Petition for Writ
Judge: Elaine E. Bucklo
Xiaoning Li
More Information
Michael Chertoff, Robert S Mueller‚ III, A Ruth Dorochoff, Emilio T Gonzalez Filed: June 14, 2007
# 1:2007cv03349 -
Other Statutory Actions §28:1361 Petition for Writ
Judge: Joan B. Gottschall
Xiomara Herrera
More Information
Social Security Administration Filed: April 26, 2010
# 3:2010cv50104 -
Supplemental Security Income §42:205
Judge: Philip G. Reinhard
Xzaelia Lynn Abbot
More Information
Michael J. Astrue Filed: September 08, 2008
# 1:2008cv05112 -
None §U.S. Government Defendant
Judge: Matthew F. Kennellyjury demanded by 42:405 Review of HHS Decision (SSID)
Xiomara Vazquez
More Information
M.D., James Melia, M.D., Patricia D. Chico, M.D., St. Anthony Hospital, Esperanza Health Center, Esperanza Health Centers, Leslie M. Ballard, Lawndale Christian Health Center, United States of America, Patricia Chico, James B. Melia, Leslie Ballard Filed: July 17, 2019
# 1:2019cv04793 -
Personal Inj. Med. Malpractice §28:1441
Judge: Sharon Johnson Colemanjury demanded by Defendant
Xiufang Hu
More Information
The Boeing Co. Filed: April 20, 2016
# 1:2016cv04465 -
Airplane Product Liability §28:1333
Judge: Ronald A. Guzmanjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xaiver Turnquist
More Information
Abbott Laboratories, Inc., AbbVie, Inc. Filed: April 25, 2016
# 1:2016cv04611 -
Personal Injury: Health Care §28:1332
Judge: Matthew F. Kennellyjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xiufang Hu
More Information
The Boeing Company Filed: April 22, 2016
# 1:2016cv04563 -
Airplane Product Liability §28:1441
Judge: Milton I. Shadurjury demanded by Both
Xin Li Wang
More Information
Jun Qiang Wang
More Information
Dong Biao Wang
More Information
Xiao Wei Wu, Don Jun Li, Zhong Yi Lai, Chang Hai Cui, Shi Yang Chen, Hai Lanh Liu, Xiao Jun Pei, Shao Liang Qi, Jian Guang Xu, Yue Bin Zhang
The, Boeing Company Filed: March 28, 2014
# 1:2014cv02235 -
P.I.: Airplane Product Liability §28:1442 Petition for Remo
Judge: Harry D. Leinenweberjury demanded by Both
Xiaodan Zhang
More Information
Bayer Pharma AG, Bayer Healthcare Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Filed: January 03, 2013
# 3:2013cv10011 -
Personal Inj. Prod. Liability §28:1332 Diversity-Persona
Judge: David R. Herndonjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xiao Hong Wu
More Information
Yuping Chen
More Information
Ligun Wu
More Information
Timothy N Sprong Filed: September 29, 2011
# 1:2011cv06854 -
Motor Vehicle §28:1332
Judge: Joan B. Gottschall
Xioafa Shi
More Information
Chunyun Liu
More Information
Inc., American Honda Motor Co. Filed: April 21, 2011
# 1:2011cv02682 -
Motor Vehicle Product Liability §28:1332
Judge: James B. Zageljury demanded by Defendant
Xochitl Lomeli
More Information
Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Bayer Healthcare Inc. Pharmaceuticals Filed: September 10, 2010
# 3:2010cv12385 -
Personal Injury- Product Liability §28:1332
Judge: David R. Herndonjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xu Kai Zu
More Information
Yu Mei Pi
More Information
Xu Tian Lin
More Information
Lela Nurlela
More Information
United Technologies Corporation, The Boeing Company Filed: August 28, 2007
# 1:2007cv04845 -
P.I.: Airplane Product Liability §28:1332 Diversity-Airline
Judge: Matthew F. Kennellyjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavier Laurens
More Information
LLC, LLC, Volvo Car USA, Volvo Cars of North America Filed: April 21, 2016
# 1:2016cv04507 -
Other Fraud §28:1332 Diversity-Fraud
Judge: Harry D. Leinenweberjury demanded by Both
Xtra Leasing LLC
More Information
Univet LLC, Inc., Diana Zilys, Irmantas Zilys, United Transport Filed: September 21, 2010
# 1:2010cv05993 -
Other Fraud §28:1332
Judge: James B. Zagel
Xavier Humphries
More Information
Richard Soto‚ Jr., Unknown Chicago Police Officers, David J. Striegel, Richard Soto, CITY OF CHICAGO CITY OF CHICAGO, City of Chicago Filed: February 19, 2020
# 1:2020cv01222 -
Civil Rights: Other §42:1983
Judge: Marvin E Aspenjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavier D. Rowe
More Information
David J. Shulkin Filed: December 23, 2017
# 1:2017cv09258 -
Employment §28:1331
Judge: John Robert Blakeyjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xandria Hair
More Information
Carla Swopes
More Information
Aetna Better Health of Illinois Filed: October 06, 2016
# 1:2016cv09549 -
Employment §28:451
Judge: Charles R. Norglejury demanded by Plaintiff
Xylona Boone
More Information
Walgreen Co. Filed: May 06, 2015
# 1:2015cv04021 -
Employment §42:2000
Judge: Gary Feinerman
Xavier Neodina
More Information
Illinois, Alan Takei, John Cichy, Tom Matthew Greenaway, Hudak, Officer Schmitt, Terrance O'Brien, Village of Schaumburg Filed: April 07, 2014
# 1:2014cv02494 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Harry D. Leinenweberjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xzaviar Black
More Information
Schnucks Markets Inc. Filed: September 06, 2013
# 3:2013cv50285 -
Employment §42:2000
Judge: Philip G. Reinhardjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xeronnius Leflore
More Information
Nick Hernandez, City of Chicago, Emmett Brian McClendon, Hawkins Filed: July 22, 2013
# 1:2013cv05224 -
Civil Rights: Other §28:1331 Federal Question
Judge: Matthew F. Kennellyjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavier Hodge
More Information
City of Markham, The, William Brazil, Unknown Markham Police Officers, Anthony DeBois Filed: October 11, 2012
# 1:2012cv08198 -
Civil Rights: Other §28:1983 Civil Rights
Judge: Elaine E. Bucklojury demanded by Both
Xadrian McCraven
More Information
Illinois Department of Children & Family of Services, State Illinois Filed: June 07, 2012
# 1:2012cv04451 -
Employment §28:2201
Judge: John W. Darrah
Xavier Davon Rowe
More Information
Eric K Shinseki Filed: January 02, 2010
# 1:2010cv00002 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §42:2000e Job Discriminati
Judge: jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavier Hopkins
More Information
Marcus Simms
More Information
Donya Jackson
More Information
Jontavius Pruit
Uknown Chicago Police Officers, The City of Chicago Filed: November 02, 2009
# 1:2009cv06877 -
Plaintiff §42:1983 Civil Rights Act
Judge: Rebecca R. Pallmeyerjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xica Miller
More Information
University of Illinois Medical Center Filed: August 03, 2009
# 1:2009cv04701 -
Plaintiff §42:2000e Job Discriminati
Judge: David H. Coarjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavia R McCloud
More Information
Marklund Filed: March 18, 2009
# 1:2009cv01682 -
Plaintiff §Federal Question
Judge: Virginia M. Kendalljury demanded by 42:1983 Civil Rights (Employment Discrimination)
Xavier L Jones
More Information
Niemann Foods Inc Filed: July 28, 2008
# 3:2008cv03164 -
Plaintiff §Federal Question
Judge: Jeanne E. Scottjury demanded by 42:1981 Job Discrimination (Race)
Xavier Kakkanathu
More Information
Rohn Industries, Inc. Filed: November 02, 2005
# 1:2005cv01337 -
Employment §42:2000
Judge: Michael M. Mihmjury demanded by Plaintiff
XPO Global Forwarding
More Information
Aexus Worldwide, LLC, John Alpine Filed: May 07, 2020
# 1:2020cv02783 -
Contract: Other §
jury demanded by Plaintiff
More Information
A. Lawrence Carroll
More Information
Regina C. Rafferty
More Information
Ace American Insurance Company Filed: August 13, 2020
# 1:2020cv04756 -
Contract: Insurance §28:1441
Judge: Harry D Leinenweberjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavier Walker
More Information
Robert Bartik, Donald Wolverton, John Riordan, Cook County, Thomas Mahoney, City of Chicago, Brian Holy, Anthony Brzeniak, David Wright, Michael Pietryla, John Cruz, Stanley Sanders Filed: December 06, 2020
# 1:2020cv07209 -
Civil Rights: Other §42:1983
Judge: Ronald A Guzmanjury demanded by Plaintiff
XL Specialty Insurance Company
More Information
LG Fallin LLC, Midwest Pilot Cars LLC Filed: December 21, 2020
# 1:2020cv01442 -
Personal Property: Other §
Judge: Jonathan E Hawley, Joe Billy McDade
Xingkai Bao
More Information
MemberSelect Insurance Company Filed: August 03, 2021
# 1:2021cv04119 -
Contract: Insurance §28:1332
Judge: Thomas M Durkinjury demanded by Plaintiff
XYZ Corporation
More Information
Unincorporated Associations Identified on A, The Schedule Partnerships Filed: August 19, 2021
# 1:2021cv04426 -
Trademark §15:1114
Xavier Redmond
More Information
Natasha Hayward
More Information
Officer Josh Carpenter
Officer Irvin Benitez, City Of Rockford Filed: December 17, 2021
# 1:2021cv06742 -
Civil Rights: Other §28 U.S.C. § 1983
Judge: Matthew F Kennellyjury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavier Lopez
More Information
Samuel Bledsoe
More Information
TBD Inc, United Companies Lending Corp, Deutche Bank National Trust Company, MERS, Inc, Mortgage Electronic Registration System, Does 1 through 100 an, Select Portfolio Services, UCFC Acceptance Corp, EMC Mortgage Corporation, US Bank National Association Filed: March 21, 2022
# 1:2022cv01483 -
Real Property: Foreclosure §28 U.S.C. § 1331 Federal
Judge: Franklin U Valderrama
Xavier Pinckney-White
More Information
April White
More Information
Abbott Laboratories Inc. Filed: May 13, 2022
# 1:2022cv02553 -
Personal Injury: Health Care/Pharmaceutical Personal Injury Product Liability §28 U.S.C. § 1332 Diversit
jury demanded by Plaintiff

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