Repayment Plan

The repayment plan has to be in place before you fill up the Chapter 13 bankruptcy papers as everything hinges upon this repayment plan. It will say the amount of money that will be paying back and how you will utilize the money to pay your debts. There are a few debts like child support, … Read more

Filing For Chapter 13

It is important for you to get through the credit counseling from specific agencies approved by the United States Trustee’s office before you look to file for . You will be charged an amount as fee for the courses and you might also be able to get the counseling at a reduced fee or amount … Read more

Eligibility Requirements

If you have a low or unsteady income, then you will not be eligible for getting the benefits that Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides. If you are employed and have a steady income which can be used to pay some or most of the debts that you have, then you will eligible for this Chapter 13 … Read more

Bankruptcy Myths – Find Out More about Them

This article will introduce you to the bankruptcy myths that have been circulating for some time among the range of people who are in deep debt without seeing any other way out except filing for bankruptcy. These myths will be discussed in order to show you what is right and wrong about this process and … Read more


Many people opt for annulment rather than divorce because they are faster than the process of divorce. Moreover once the marriage is annulled there will be no trace on the records of the members involved. In normal cases the waiting period for annulment is only 20 days but, if both the participants agree the period … Read more

Annulment Attorneys

If you are seeking annulment of marriage, you may want to get the service of a good annulment attorney in your area. An attorney will be able to check your case and suggest whether you are eligible for your marriage to be annulled. The attorney will guide you about the evidences you will have to … Read more

Eligibility For Annulment

The eligibility for may differ from state to state but, the common qualifying points are At least one of the spouses is under 14 years of age or under 18 and the marriage is without parental consent or court order  The couples being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of marriage … Read more

All You Want To Know About Annulment

What Is An Annulment? This is a method of canceling out a marriage. It is possible to make a marriage null and void by this process. Annulment is different from divorce. A legitimate marriage can be cancelled by a divorce. The process of cancelling a marriage which is not considered legitimate under legal terms is … Read more