Noted Individuals Who Have Filed for Bankruptcy Protection

Willie Aames – actor.
Merve Adelson – film producer, co-founder of TV production company Lorimar Productions (Dallas, Knots Landing, The Waltons, etc.); third husband of journalist-TV host Barbara Walters.
F. Lee Bailey – former American attorney.
Stephen Baldwin – actor; American author.
Lionel Bart – British composer-lyricist-playwright.
Kim Basinger – Oscar-winning actress.
Drake Bell – American actor
Boris Becker -former tennis player (involuntary; declared bankrupt by a British court).
Jay Black – singer/rock star; lead member of “Jay and the Americans”.
Lauren Booth – British journalist; columnist.
Lorraine Bracco – Oscar-nominated actress.
Matthew Brady – portrait/U.S. Civil War photographer.
Toni Braxton – singer/rock star.
Sylvia Browne – professional “psychic”; best-selling American author.
Anita Bryant – singer; American author; Miss Americand runner-up ( and).
Gary Busey – actor.
Aaron Carter – singer/rock star.
David Cassidy – actor-singer.
George Clinton – singer/rock star (note: this is not the composer George S. Clinton).
Samuel L. Clemens (“Mark Twain”) – best-selling American author-humorist.
Natalie Cole – singer (sources: People magazine, February, / Dateline NBC, September, / et al.).
Derrick Coleman – American basketball player.
Gary Coleman – actor.
Concrete Blonde – rock group (source: LA Weekly, March-April,).
John Connally – former Texas; wounded in Kennedy assassination in Dallas.
Francis Ford Coppola – Oscar-winning film writer-director-producer.
Cathy Lee Crosby – actress; American author.
Vic Damone – singer.
Dorothy Dandridge – Oscar-nominated actress-singer.
Lee de Forest – Oscar-winning film/sound synchronization pioneer; producer.
Dino De Laurentis – Oscar-winning film producer.
Janice Dickinson – former supermodel; American author.
Walt Disney – Oscar-winning film producer; animation & theme park pioneer.
Lenny Dykstra – American baseball player.
Eddy “the Eagle” Edwards (Eddy Edwards) – Great Britain’s first Olympic ski jumper.
Nicole Eggert – actress.
Keith Famie – Survivor II: The Australian Outback contestant; chef-restauranter; American author (/) (source: interview, CBS special Survivor: Back from the Outback, May,).
Mick Fleetwood – musician/rock star; lead member of “Fleetwood Mac”.
Heidi Fleiss – Clothing line founder; American author.
William Fox – co-founder ofth Century Fox Film Corporation.
Rulon Gardner – United States Olympic gold medalist wrestler.
Marvin Gaye – singer (mid-lates).
Andy Gibb – singer/rock star.
Charles Goodyear – inventor; businessman ( with his father, hardware store).
Ulysses S. Grant -th U.S. President; Civil War general;best-selling American author; face is pictured on the U.S. fifty dollar bill ( after leaving office).
Elizabeth Ward Gracen – actress; model; Miss America.
Bob Guccione – publisher and founder of Penthouse magazine (see General Media below).
Merle Haggard – singer/country music star.
Corey Haim – actor.
Dorothy Hamill – United States Olympic gold-medalist ice-skater.
M.C. Hammer – singer/rock star.
Richard Harris – Oscar-nominated actor-producer-director; Irish-born author (“twice bankrupt”) source: BBC World News).
Robert Harris – $ million Mega Millions lottery winner on February,, Georgia USA ( and).
Natalie Hawkins – mother of Olympic Gold Medal U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas ( and).
Isaac Hayes – Oscar-winning songwriter-composer-musician-singer.
Sherman Hemsley – actor.
Milton Hershey – founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company and namesake of Hershey, Pennsylvania ( one of his earlier candy businesses).
Ron Isley – rhythm-and-blues singer ( mid-lates).
Curtis Jackson III ( Cent) – American rapper/rock star; actor.
Jack Jackson – American hockey player.
La Toya Jackson – singer/rock star.
Don Johnson – actor-producer.
Janice-Marie Johnson – singer/rock star/disco diva (source: interview segment, Extra TV show, June,).
Randy Johnson – American NFL football player (source: Charlotte Sun newspaper, Florida, May, republished September, after his death).
Kacey Jones – singer/country music star; musical humorist (sources: / Dish magazine, October).
Clay Jordan – Survivor V: Thailand contestant; restauranter.
Chaka Kahn – singer/rock star (source: People magazine, February,).
Kerry Katona – singer/rock star; British TV personality.
Larry King – talk-show host; best-selling American author.
Robert Kiyosaki – best-selling American Author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book series; businessman ( filing was for one of his corporations: Rich Global LLC).
Arnold Klein – California-based dermatoligist to the rich and famous, including the late singer Michael Jackson at the time of his death.
Bowie Kuhn – former U.S. baseball commissioner.
Gary Kurtz – Oscar-nominated film producer (Star Wars, American Graffiti, etc.).
Veronica Lake – actress.
Lorenzo Lamas – actor.
Cyndi Lauper – singer/rock star.
Joey Lawrence – actor.
Stan Lee – comic book industry pioneer; co-creator of “Spider Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “The X-Men,” etc. ( Stan Lee Media).
Joanne Lopes and Jorge Lopes – Big Game multistate Lotto jackpot winners in in the U.S.; won a $. million jackpot, which they took as a lump sum of $. million before taxes; had debts of nearly $, when they filed for chapter bankruptcy protection; their petition was dismissed by a judge due to their failure to appear at their hearing.
Meat Loaf – singer/rock star.
Ashley MacIsaac – musician-fiddler.
Mindy McCready – singer/country music star.
Linda McMahon – businesswoman; politician ( jointly with husband Vince).
Vince McMahon – Professional wrestling businessman; producer ( jointly with wife Linda).
Melba Moore – singer-actress.
Debelah Morgan – singer-songwriter-producer.
Lorrie Morgan – country music star; American author ( chapter, later withdrew petition filing after paying debtors; filed personal chapter bankruptcy in).
Motor City Five/MC – rock group of thes.
Willie Nelson – singer-songwriter-actor; American author ( est.) (source: Sunday Morning, CBS-TV news program, September,, interview conducted by Dan Rather).
Wayne Newton – singer-actor-entertainer.
Jimmie Nicol – drummer who became a member of the music group “The Beatles” for days in during a worldwide tour while Ringo Starr was being treated for tonsillitis.
Immanuel Nobel – father of manufacturer-philanthropist Alfred Nobel, who founded the Nobel Prizes (twice:/year Alfred was born;/when Alfred was).
Mary Nolan – actress.
Jennings Osborne – Arkansas businessman; Christmas light sponsor, including at DisneyWorld.
Johnny Paycheck – singer/country music star.
Tom Petty – singer/rock star.
Teri Polo – actress.
Clinton Portis – American football player.
Susan Powter – exercise/fitness expert; talk-show host; best-selling American author.
Burt Prelutsky – American television writer; screenwriter.
Noreen Renier – Psychic (claimed); American author.
Burt Reynolds – Oscar-nominated actor-director; American author.
Debbie Reynolds – Oscar-nominated actress-singer; American author.
William Roache (Bill Roache) – actor; British author.
Kristina Laferne Roberts (“Zane”) – best-selling American author.
Juan Rodriguez – $ million Mega Millions lottery winner, New York City ( filed bankruptcy just before winning).
Mickey Rooney – Oscar-nominated actor; American author.
Harry Saltzman – film producer (James Bond movies).
Ray Sawyer – singer/rock star; member of “Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show”.
Shenandoah – country music band.
“Sinbad” / David Adkins – comedian; actor (filed in, but dismissed due to improper filing; filed again in).
Anna Nicole Smith – model-actress; Playboy magazine “Playmate of the Year”.
Dick Smothers – American comedian, one half of the comedy team “The Smothers Brothers”.
Lynne Spears – American author; mother of rock star Britney Spears ( filed with husband James prior to Britney’s stardom).
J. Fife Symington – Governor of Arizona ( while still in office).
Debbie Thomas – American Olympic Bronze Medalist figure skater.
TLC – rock group.
Donald Trump – businessman (casinos: associated as majority shareholder, Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc.; no personal bankruptcies) ( [ as a minority shareholder in an Atlantic City casino licensed to use his last name, filed lawsuit to have name removed from company and casino]; see also listing in corporation section).
Mike Tyson -.
Michael Vick – American football player.
Vinnie Vincent (Vincent John Cusano) – former member of the rock band Kiss.
Dionne Warwick – singer.
Tammy Wynette – singer/country music star; American author.
Zane – see Kristina Laferne Roberts.


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