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Respondent Name
Filed, Nature of Suit, Judge
ZA786 Inc
More Information
United Bank of Iowa Filed: July 01, 2016
# 3:2016cv03081 -
Other Contract §28:1441
Judge: Leonard T Strandjury demanded by Plaintiff
Zurich American Insurance Company
More Information
The Boia Corporation Filed: May 20, 2014
# 3:2014cv00069 -
Contract Product Liability §28:1332
Judge: John A. Jarveyjury demanded by Plaintiff
Zamora Entertainment
More Information
La Ley Radio Station
More Information
Joel Garcia
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLC, Los Inc., Temerarios, Temerarios International Tours Filed: September 03, 2009
# 4:2009cv00344 -
None §28:1332 Diversity-Other C
Judge: Ross A. Walters
Zuffa LLC
More Information
Larry D Roberts‚ Jr., L TREYNS INC Filed: December 02, 2010
# 3:2010cv00152 -
Cable/Satellite TV §47:605
Judge: Charles R. Wolle
Zachary M. Balzer
More Information
Commissioner of Social Security Filed: March 27, 2007
# 3:2007cv00028 -
Social Security: SSID Tit. XVI §42:205 Denial Social Secu
Judge: Ross A. Walters
Zachary Flick
More Information
3M Company Filed: August 29, 2019
# 4:2019cv00266 -
Personal Inj. Prod. Liability §28:1407pl
Judge: Helen C Adams, Stephanie M Rosejury demanded by Plaintiff
Zachary D Gall
More Information
Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. Filed: September 23, 2015
# 3:2015cv00106 -
Motor Vehicle Product Liability §15:2301
Judge: Stephanie M. Rosejury demanded by Plaintiff
Zelda M Brokaw
More Information
Inc, Craig Betcher Trucking, Hawkeye Security D Insurance Company, Jerry Spears Filed: March 06, 2009
# 2:2009cv01011 -
Plaintiff §Diversity
Judge: Jon S Scolesjury demanded by 28:1441 Petition for Removal- Auto Negligence
Zach Hillesheim
More Information
LLC, LLC, Valley View-Broadway Stores, Family Fare Filed: March 14, 2018
# 1:2018cv00011 -
Americans with Disabilities - Other §42:12188
Judge: Stephanie M. Rose
Zachary Lee Church
More Information
Bob Anderson, Iowa, Cedar Falls, Jeff Olson Filed: December 23, 2015
# 3:2015cv03171 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Leonard T Strandjury demanded by Plaintiff
Zachary G Collins
More Information
City of Oelwein Police Department, City of E Oelwein, Daniel Banks Filed: June 21, 2010
# 6:2010cv02046 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Jon S Scoles
Zi Lucy Liu
More Information
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Bruce Orman, Inc. Filed: June 18, 2007
# 4:2007cv00270 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §42:2000 Job Discriminatio
Judge: John A. Jarveyjury demanded by Plaintiff
Zola Schultz
More Information
Matthew Schultz
More Information
Kandi Hensel, West Des Moines Community School District Filed: September 22, 2020
# 4:2020cv00292 -
Civil Rights: Education §20:1400
Judge: Helen C Adams, Charles R Wolle

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