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Paul Augustus Kirsteatter
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A. Strommer Filed: October 08, 2014
# 3:2014cv00195 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Ralph R. Beistlinejury demanded by Plaintiff
Paula Sutton
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Sally Jewell Filed: June 05, 2013
# 3:2013cv00096 -
Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Employment §42:2000e Job Discriminat
Judge: Timothy M. Burgessjury demanded by Plaintiff
Pamela Wise
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Barbara Martin, Elena Morris, Jill Amos, John Pendry Filed: July 12, 2012
# 3:2012cv00141 -
Welfare §28:1331
Judge: Sharon L. Gleason
Patrick Scott Johnson
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Robin Benning
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Joseph A. Masters, Public Safety Employees 803, Association, AFSCME Local Becky Hultberg, Nicki Neal, AFL-CIO Filed: March 06, 2012
# 3:2012cv00052 -
Employment §42:1983
Judge: Sharon L. Gleason
Peter E. Ballot
More Information
Richard Erlich, Alaska State Trooper, Village Police Safety Officer Filed: July 29, 2011
# 3:2011cv00154 -
Other Civil Rights §28:1343
Judge: Ralph R. Beistline
Paul Blakeslee
More Information
Shaw Infrastructures, Inc. Filed: October 26, 2009
# 3:2009cv00214 -
None §28:1441 Petition for Remo
Judge: Ralph R. Beistline
Petra Esquivel
More Information
Alaska Hotel, Restaurant & Camp Employees Health & Welfare Trust, Unite Here Local 878 Filed: May 22, 2009
# 3:2009cv00103 -
Plaintiff §28:1441 Petition for Remo
Judge: John W. Sedwickjury demanded by Plaintiff
Peter G. Beasley
More Information
Weidner Investment Services, Inc. Filed: February 02, 2009
# 3:2009cv00023 -
Defendant §Diversity
Judge: Timothy M. Burgessjury demanded by 28:1441 Petition for Removal- Civil Rights Act
Paul N. Farmer
More Information
Office of the Attorney General, Department of Law, Office of the District Attorney, State of Alaska Filed: March 04, 2008
# 3:2008cv00034 -
None §Federal Question
Judge: John W. Sedwickjury demanded by 42:1983 Civil Rights Act
Patrick L. Shorty
More Information
Andrew Cottle, Municipality of Anchorage, D. Kenneth McCoy, Officer Witte Filed: August 23, 2007
# 3:2005cv00237 -
Civil Rights: Other §No cause code entered
Judge: Timothy M. Burgess
More Information
More Information
More Information
Anchorage School District Filed: April 23, 2007
# 3:2007cv00060 -
Civil Rights: Other §20:1400 Civil Rights of H
Judge: Ralph R. Beistline
Penn America Insurance Company
More Information
Alaska Motor Home, Inc. Filed: January 25, 2021
# 3:2021cv00013 -
Insurance §
Judge: Timothy M Burgess
Patrick Daniel Kenny
More Information
Grace-Anne McCann Davis, James Lavern Davis, Megan McCann Davis Filed: February 04, 2021
# 3:2021cv00023 -
Other Statutory Actions §
Judge: Sharon L Gleason
Pamela Greenhalgh
More Information
United States of America Filed: March 04, 2021
# 3:2021cv00052 -
Personal Inj. Med. Malpractice §28:2674
Judge: Joshua M Kindred
Patricia A. Yelder
More Information
Deb Haaland Filed: June 29, 2021
# 3:2021cv00153 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §28:1331
Judge: Joshua M Kindred
Penn-America Insurance Company
More Information
Layton Construction Company, LLC, LLC, LLC, Coatings, Statewide Foam, Dawson Construction, City of Ketchikan Filed: July 27, 2021
# 3:2021cv00179 -
Insurance §28:2201
Judge: John W Sedwick
Phillip Winter
More Information
Stephen John Spring, LLC, Yakutat Adventures, M/V HAPPY HOOKER III (AK No. AK2191P) Filed: August 04, 2021
# 3:2021cv00186 -
Marine §28:1331
Judge: John W Sedwick
Pacific Pile & Marine
More Information
More Information
LLC, Harvest Alaska Filed: November 19, 2021
# 3:2021cv00256 -
Contract: Marine §28 U.S.C. § 1331
Judge: H Russel Holland
Public Interest Legal Foundation
More Information
Kevin Meyer Filed: January 20, 2022
# 1:2022cv00001 -
Other Statutory Actions §
Judge: Sharon L Gleason
Platypus Marine
More Information
O.N. 1121333, M/Y ALASKAN GRANDEUR Filed: April 12, 2022
# 1:2022cv00006 -
Contract: Marine §28 U.S.C. § 1333 Admiralt
Judge: H Russel Holland
Paige R. Simeonoff
More Information
Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center Filed: July 12, 2022
# 3:2022cv00161 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §42 U.S.C. § 2003 Job Disc
Judge: Sharon L Gleason

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