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Ohio Casualty Insurance Company
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LLC, Lilyanna Flores, Naveah Flores, Jimmy , Flores, Janelle Quackenbush, Sofia Flores, Alaska Group, Jaelynn Flores, Estates of Alexis QuackenBush Filed: December 20, 2019
# 3:2019cv00319 -
Insurance §28:1332
Judge: Sharon L Gleason
O'Hara Corporation
More Information
George Lopez, Adak Logistics, LLC Filed: August 30, 2018
# 3:2018cv00194 -
Contract: Recovery/Enforcement §28:1332
Judge: John W Sedwickjury demanded by Plaintiff
Orion Marine Contractors
More Information
City of Seward Filed: August 27, 2015
# 3:2015cv00151 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: Sharon L. Gleason
Old Republic General Insurance Corporation
More Information
Holaday-Parks-Fabricators, Inc. Filed: August 29, 2014
# 3:2014cv00165 -
Insurance §28:2201
Judge: H. Russel Hollandjury demanded by Plaintiff
Ocean Fisheries
More Information
Inc., Northern Fiberglass & Urethane Foam Filed: April 09, 2014
# 3:2014cv00069 -
Marine §28:1333
Judge: H. Russel Holland
Organized Village of Saxman
More Information
Tom Vilsack, Tim Towarak, Sally Jewell Filed: July 25, 2014
# 3:2014cv00147 -
Review or Appeal of Agency Decision §28:1332
Judge: Sharon L. Gleason
Organized Village of Kake
More Information
The Boat Company
More Information
Alaska Wilderness Recreation, Tourism Association, Sierra Club, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, Natural Resources Defense Council, Tongass Conservation Society, Greenpeace, Wrangell Resource Cou
Tom Vilsack, Harris Sherman, United States Tom Forest Service, Tidwell, United States Department of Agriculture Filed: December 22, 2009
# 1:2009cv00023 -
Environmental Matters §05:702 Administrative Pro
Judge: John W. Sedwick
OSI Alaska Financial Services
More Information
Monica L. Ketzler Filed: December 09, 2009
# 4:2009cv00048 -
Other Statutory Actions §No cause code entered
Judge: Ralph R. Beistlinejury demanded by Defendant
Overton J. Jiles
More Information
Patricia M. Jiles
More Information
United States of America, Dirk Kempthorne Filed: January 20, 2009
# 3:2009cv00011 -
None §U.S. Government Defendant
Judge: Timothy M. Burgessjury demanded by 05:0701 Maritime Subsidy Board
Oscar Olsen‚ Jr.
More Information
Commissioner of Soc. Sec. Admin. Filed: September 07, 2018
# 3:2018cv00200 -
Social Security: DIWC/DIWW §42:405
Judge: Ralph R Beistline
Oscar Olsen‚ Jr.
More Information
Carolyn W. Colvin Filed: April 16, 2015
# 3:2015cv00062 -
Disability Insurance §42:405
Judge: Timothy M. Burgess
Octaivia Wilson
More Information
United States of America Filed: October 20, 2015
# 3:2015cv00204 -
Personal Injury- Medical Malpractice §28:1346
Judge: Ralph R. Beistline
Olga Roseberry
More Information
Inc., Safeway Filed: February 16, 2012
# 3:2012cv00036 -
Other Personal Injury §28:1332
Judge: John W. Sedwickjury demanded by Defendant
Ocean Pointe
More Information
No Defendant - Entered for Statistical Purposes Only Filed: May 10, 2011
# 3:2011cv00103 -
Marine §28:1331
Judge: H. Russel Holland
Oxenia Sakar
More Information
Molly Sakar
More Information
Hageland Aviation Filed: May 16, 2008
# 4:2008cv00016 -
Defendant §Federal Question
Judge: Ralph R. Beistlinejury demanded by 28:1331 Fed. Question: Personal Injury
Ohio Casualty Insurance Company
More Information
Landmark American Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company
Inc., Grohe America Filed: June 22, 2017
# 3:2017cv00141 -
Property Damage Product Liability §28:1446
Judge: John W. Sedwick
Oksana Hall
More Information
Catherine Middleton, Nikolay Mark Begich, Putin Vladimir, Lisa Presley, Native of Alaska, Dee Vernon Presley, Camilla Parker, Sara Palin, George W. Bush‚ Jr., George W. Bush, Priskilla Presley, Lisa Murkousky Filed: January 14, 2015
# 3:2015cv00005 -
Other Civil Rights §28:1983
Judge: Sharon L. Gleason
Owen Keiper
More Information
Witte, Venta Filed: December 27, 2013
# 3:2013cv00235 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Ralph R. Beistlinejury demanded by Plaintiff
Ocean Marine Services
More Information
More Information
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Lloyd's 2001 Syndicate AML Through Lockton Companies, LLP, AGCS Marine Insurance Company, Endurance American Insurance Company Filed: February 22, 2021
# 3:2021cv00041 -
Insurance §28:1441
Judge: Joshua M Kindred
Ohio Security Insurance Company
More Information
Black & Decker Inc. a Maryland corporation doing business as Porter Cable Corporation Filed: August 02, 2021
# 4:2021cv00018 -
Prop. Damage Prod. Liability §28:1332
Judge: John W Sedwick

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