JudgeCourtDistrict Court Cases
William M. NickersonMaryland, District Of ColumbiaOctober 15, 2015 Comcast To Pay $190K To Settle OT Collective Action September 28, 2015 Insurer Dodges Coverage For Post-Heart Attack Drowning August 19, 2015 Gov’t Hit With $750M Suit Over Md. Army Base Pollution Cases (696) March 23, 2017 | Maryland Rangarajan v. Johns Hopkins Health System Corp. and Johns Hopkins University et al Qui Tam (31 U.S.C. § 3729(a)) May 25, 2016 | Maryland Henning v. Organized Crime 440(Civil Rights: Other) May 20, 2016 | Maryland Artiga Carrero v. United States Department of Homeland Security et al Freedom of Information Act

Plaintiffs, Defendants, Witnesses (01/11/1999 - 04/01/2020) - Troublefield Hiram Demond Bobbye Leitenberger J. Emerita Nykaza Norberto Pearsall Manuela Marras Albert Sheppard Mary Colasante Cari Hadam Gretchen Peone Wendi Aylwin U. Winona Friedeck P. Clifford Beckwith Ona Lamble Loree Bartness Norman Doval Murray Wetzstein Tarra Shamsi Cedrick Lindhorst Jenae Strawberry N. Gertie Scherler Dion.

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