Robert H. Cleland

Judge Court District Court Cases
Robert H. Cleland Michigan Eastern, Michigan Western, Tennessee Western, Ohio Northern, Ohio Southern, Tennessee Middle August 29, 2017 Rockwell Slams Claims It's Mistreating Activist's Director August 10, 2017 Cheerleader Uniform IP Case Ends With Unusual Settlement May 24, 2017 Judge Won’t Wade Into Mich. Biopharma Co.’s Proxy Fight Cases (1729) October 26, 2017 | Michigan Eastern Jones v. James-Martin Chevrolet, Inc. 442(Civil Rights: Jobs) October 23, 2017 | Michigan Eastern Selden 350(Motor Vehicle) October 20, 2017 | Michigan Eastern Gravel v. ST Transportation, LLC et al 350(Motor Vehicle)

Plaintiffs, Defendants, Witnesses (01/11/1999 - 01/01/2019) - Garritson Jamie Boies Lonnie Cohon J. Dong Rosera Elden Secula Barbie Hebbar Trenton Valdes Kyle Pearo Doyle Mings Sha Mizer Maybelle Pflieger U. Emily Ebel P. Joanie Askren Shonda Chamble Carolynn Laico Treva Parness Clora Harps Tonisha Fortuno Jackson Mengler Dovie Dranchak N. Harmony Strenger Daina Hjelle Deonna Siel Merissa Gadlin Faye Malachi U. Terisa Dalmau Soo Redeye Shane Koppert Troy Cobine L. Chere Crall Myrle Bensink Librada Hause Francis Bayardo E. Blythe Birkenbach Giovanni.

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