JudgeCourtDistrict Court Cases
R. Barclay SurrickPennsylvania Eastern, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict LitigationJuly 24, 2017 Maxim Dodges FLSA Suit Over Pay For Home Health Aides June 22, 2017 Pfizer Wins Interlocutory Review In Vfend Whistleblower Suit April 12, 2017 Pfizer Can't Shake Off-Label Marketing FCA Suit Cases (812) October 26, 2017 | Pennsylvania Eastern BAIRD v. 1600 CHURCH ROAD CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION 446(Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Other) October 18, 2017 | Pennsylvania Eastern SECRIST v. UNUM LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA 791(Labor: E.R.I.S.A.) October 16, 2017 | Pennsylvania Eastern BARNHARDT v. DEVILLE ASSET MANAGEMENT, LTD Other Statutes: Consumer Credit

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