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Claire V. EaganOklahoma Northern, Oklahoma Western, UtahAugust 30, 2017 Kialegee Suit Over Raid Belongs In Tribal Court, Judge Says February 10, 2017 BIA, Energy Co. Beat Suit Over Oil Lease On Tribal Land November 4, 2016 Asarco Invokes CERCLA To Stop Superfund Cleanup Deal Cases (1097) October 27, 2017 | Oklahoma Northern Contech Inc. v. Stewart Perry Company, The et al 190(Contract: Other) October 20, 2017 | Oklahoma Northern Banfield et al v. Hughes 350(Motor Vehicle) October 19, 2017 | Oklahoma Northern Koupe v. Country Club of Woodland Hills, Limited Partnership 442(Civil Rights: Jobs)

Plaintiffs, Defendants, Witnesses (01/11/1999 - 04/01/2019) - Proios Juliane Balogun Adah Colyar J. Marielle Polz Vincenza Schuiling Lemuel Terhark Kandra Donavant Viviana Redden Vonnie Morrison Benton Fannon Rayna Deeson U. Roselia Gegan P. Daine Gomula Karlene Podnar Etsuko Matczak Brunilda Duvnjak Roni Duchak Emery Hulker Deb Tett Fredricka Rovig N. Chantal Datson Robyn Singian Cheree Cardo Kelly Amian Lorretta Randall U. Sheryl Ajax Fredric Wargula Shaunda Threatts Marica.

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