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Ancer L. HaggertyOregon, Washington Western, Arizona, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict LitigationFebruary 12, 2014 DEA Needs Warrants To Get Drug Records, Judge Says April 4, 2013 ACLU Joins Prescription Drug Privacy Row With DEA November 8, 2012 TIG Settles With Regence In $19M RICO Coverage Suit Cases (196) July 28, 2014 | Oregon Beegle v. EWCO, LLC et al Motor Vehicle Personal Injury July 14, 2014 | Oregon Eagle Ridge Townhome Owners' Association v. Illinois National Insurance Company Insurance June 27, 2014 | Oregon Avila Saname v. Because It's There, LLC Civil Rights: Employment
Barbara J. RothsteinDistrict Of Columbia, Washington Western, California Eastern, Pennsylvania Middle, Indiana Northern, Alabama Middle, Puerto Rico, October 4, 2017 Body Shops' Win Allows For Antitrust Abuse, 11th Circ. Told September 8, 2017 11th Circ. Revives Auto Body Shops' Antitrust Claims August 30, 2017 Allied Can't Recoup $8M FTC Defense Costs, 9th Circ. Affirms Cases (348) September 21, 2016 | Puerto Rico Torruella v. Transamerica Life Insurance Co. et al Insurance August 1, 2016 | Washington Western Association of Condominium Owners of the Juanita Bay Condominium v. Commonwealth Insurance Company of America et al Insurance February 26, 2016 | Washington Western Puget Soundkeeper Alliance et al v. United States Environmental Protection Agency et al Environmental Matters
Benjamin H. SettleWashington Western, California EasternSeptember 8, 2017 J&J Unit Escapes Bulk Of Surgical Stapler Liability Suit August 29, 2017 Tribe Immune From Counterclaims In $90M Tax Row: 9th Circ. August 14, 2017 Wash. Tribal Group Can Offer Gambling, 9th Circ. Told Cases (1563) October 26, 2017 | Washington Western EnviroLux Energy Systems, LLC v. Fairway Electronic Co. Ltd 370(Other Fraud) October 26, 2017 | Washington Western Torres v. AGS Stainless, Inc. 442(Civil Rights: Jobs) October 25, 2017 | Washington Western Flagg v. Dollar Tree, Inc. et al 710(Labor: Fair Standards)
Brian A. TsuchidaWashington WesternOctober 18, 2016 Wash. Eatery Owner Rips Sanctions Bid In $1.3M Wage Spat April 21, 2016 Ex-ICE Atty Gets Prison For Falsifying Key Document Cases (109) September 29, 2017 | Washington Western Malik v. James Hu M.D.P.C. et al Civil Rights: Jobs September 26, 2017 | Washington Western Global Harvest Foods, Ltd et al v. Des Moines Feed Company Trademark September 1, 2017 | Washington Western Foliart et al v. United States of America et al Personal Inj. Med. Malpractice
Donald W. MolloyMontana, Washington Western, California Northern, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, Washington Eastern, California EasteOctober 20, 2017 Sony Scores 1st Amend. Win In 9th Circ. 'Gran Turismo' Suit October 18, 2017 Schwab Clients Ask 9th Circ. To Revive Trade Routing Suits October 16, 2017 9th Circ. Urged To Punt MetLife Disclosure Issue To State Cases (583) October 20, 2017 | Montana Native Ecosystems Council et al v. Marten et al 893(Environmental Matters) September 29, 2017 | Montana Downing v. Scottsdale Indemnity Company et al 110(Insurance) September 29, 2017 | Montana Two Men and a Truck/International, Inc. v. Arcel Trademark
Edward F. SheaWashington Eastern, California Eastern, Hawaii, Washington WesternJuly 5, 2017 Stay Unwarranted In Property Insurance Row, 9th Circ. Says January 31, 2017 9th Circ. Urged To Revive Guest Worker Case Against Farms April 27, 2016 Farm Labor Co. Must Pay $7.6M To Abused Thai Workers Cases (342) August 3, 2017 | Washington Eastern Hevewah v. Spokane County et al Civil Rights: Other April 13, 2017 | Washington Eastern Alejandro v Kelly et al 465(Other Immigration Actions) March 9, 2017 | Washington Eastern Omar v. Kelly et al 462(Naturalization Application)
Garr M. KingOregon, California Northern, Washington Western, ArizonaMay 11, 2016 9th Circ. Says Insurers Must Cover EPA Superfund Query May 2, 2016 9th Circ. Resists Further Review Of Coverage For EPA Reply April 29, 2016 9th Circ. Set To Mull Insurance Coverage For EPA Query Cases (260) February 2, 2017 | Oregon Lehman et al 190(Contract: Other Contract Actions) December 27, 2016 | Oregon Hebrod v. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. 380(Other Personal Property Damage) November 14, 2016 | Oregon Bermudez-Arenas v. City of McMinnville et al Civil Rights: Other
James L. RobartWashington Western, California Eastern, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict LitigationOctober 27, 2017 Zillow Appeals $4M Award In Copyright Row with Photo Co. October 27, 2017 Wash. Judge Won't Halt Trump's 3rd Travel Ban October 24, 2017 'Gag Order' Policy Change Shows Tech Industry's Rising Clout Cases (1595) October 23, 2017 | Washington Western Castillo v. United Rentals (North America), Inc. 710(Labor: Fair Standards) October 13, 2017 | Washington Western Brazier v. Brown 422(Bankruptcy Appeal (801)) October 6, 2017 | Washington Western Felco SA v. Zenport Industries, Inc Trademark
James P. DonohueWashington WesternAugust 8, 2017 Feds Can’t Brush Off DACA Detention Case, Court Told March 15, 2017 Wash. Court Should Hear DACA Detention Row, Judge Says March 1, 2017 Judge Nixes Quick Release Hearing Bid In DACA Row Cases (130) September 25, 2017 | Washington Western The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation v. Saama Technologies, Inc. Trademark August 15, 2017 | Washington Western Yu et al v. Five Boars, LLC et al Labor: Fair Standards July 10, 2017 | Washington Western Harvey v. Federal Bureau of Investigations Civil Rights: Other
Jeffrey T. MillerCalifornia Southern, California Eastern, Washington Western, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, California NorthernOctober 11, 2017 Atty, Ex-Inmates Seek Class Cert. In Call Recording Suit October 2, 2017 Mexican Man Wins Restoration Of DACA Status August 18, 2017 No $4.6M Sanctions For MasterCard's 'Reproachable' Move Cases (683) September 13, 2017 | California Southern State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. v. Boermans et al 110(Insurance) September 11, 2017 | California Southern Gonzalez Torres v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security et al Other Statutes: Administrative Procedures Act/Review or Appeal of Agency Decision September 8, 2017 | California Southern Dremak v. Equifax, Inc. 370(Other Fraud)
John C. CoughenourWashington Western, California Eastern, Idaho, Northern Mariana Islands, Arizona, Guam, California Central, Judicial Panel on MultOctober 26, 2017 Nooksack Members’ RICO Suit Paused For Tribe Election September 26, 2017 Nooksack Members Urge 9th Circ. To Preserve RICO Suit September 20, 2017 Feds Must Face Enviro Suit Over Wash. Coastal Runoff Cases (1506) October 26, 2017 | Washington Western Allen v. Persons who access my personal neurons and information be such in a computer or in my brain 440(Civil Rights: Other) October 24, 2017 | Washington Western Richendifer v. The Bank of New York Mellon FKA The Bank of New York 422(Bankruptcy Appeal (801)) October 24, 2017 | Washington Western Leal de la Hoz v. Kleen-Tech Services Corporation 710(Labor: Fair Standards)
Justin L. QuackenbushWashington Eastern, California Central, California Eastern, Idaho, California NorthernAugust 8, 2017 CIA Interrogation Plan Authors Can't Escape Torture Suit March 31, 2017 Attys Seek 9th Circ. Ax Of Sanctions, Fee Orders January 30, 2017 CIA Docs Not 'Agents,' Can't Duck Torture Suit, Says Judge Cases (251) June 12, 2017 | Washington Eastern COMPUTER 5 INC v. COMPUTER5INC.COM Trademark March 13, 2017 | Washington Eastern Wake Up, Inc. v. GTBC, LLC an Idaho limited liability company d/b/a Grand Teton Brewing Company Trademark February 27, 2017 | Washington Eastern The Odom Corporation v. Pabst Brewing Company LLC Contract: Other
Lonny R. SukoWashington Eastern, California Eastern, Alaska, Washington WesternJuly 3, 2017 Tribes Tell 9th Circ. To Uphold $8.25M Pollution Award March 31, 2017 Teck Tells 9th Circ. To Nix Tribes' $8M Pollution Award January 26, 2017 Fire Safety Co. Reaches $5M Settlement For Gov't FCA Claims Cases (419) December 7, 2016 | Washington Eastern FSI Fabrication, Inc. v. BURLEY IRONWORKS, L.L.C., et al Trademark November 22, 2016 | Washington Eastern Arias v. Gillette et al Civil Rights: Other November 2, 2016 | Washington Eastern Johnson Foods, Inc. et al v. Letica Corporation Prop. Damage Prod. Liability
Marsha J. PechmanWashington Western, California Eastern, IdahoOctober 6, 2017 Taxpayer Can't Duck Hidden Foreign Bank Accounts Case May 17, 2017 Trustee Can't Get Funds From IRS, Gov't Tells 9th Circ. February 10, 2017 Fed. Circ. OKs Amazon's Alice Win In Appistry Patent Suits Cases (1473) October 27, 2017 | Washington Western Tavares v. Alabama Housing Finance Authority 220(Real Property: Foreclosure) October 24, 2017 | Washington Western McCracken v. Shapiro & Sutherland LLC et al Civil Rights: Other October 23, 2017 | Washington Western Durban v. Golden State Water Company 893(Environmental Matters)
Mary A. TheilerWashington WesternSeptember 23, 2014 Ex-L&L Energy CEO Pleads Guilty To Securities Fraud April 1, 2014 Ex-Microsoft Employee Pleads Guilty To Trade Secret Theft March 20, 2014 Ex-Microsoft Worker Arrested For Trade Secret Theft, Leaks Cases (90) August 31, 2017 | Washington Western Northwest Administrators Inc v. New World Environmental, Inc. Labor: E.R.I.S.A. August 15, 2017 | Washington Western Whitsett v. Brand Energy Services LLC et al Personal Inj. Prod. Liability August 8, 2017 | Washington Western Employee Painters Trust Health and Welfare Fund et al v. Sankey et al
Michael R. HoganOregon, Washington WesternMay 11, 2015 NJ Senate Aims To Restrict How ExxonMobil Funds Are Spent May 7, 2015 NJ Pols Question Some Sites Included In $225M Exxon Deal January 27, 2014 NJ High Court Tackles Tolling Of Liens In Bankruptcy Cases (217) October 2, 2012 | Oregon Starks-Hill v. State Of Oregon, Department Of Human Resources September 17, 2012 | Oregon Starks-Hill v. State of Oregon et al September 7, 2012 | Oregon Hatchman et al v. BAC Home Loan Servicing, LP et al Real Property: Foreclosure
Ricardo S. MartinezWashington Western, California EasternOctober 24, 2017 Pomerantz Gets Lead Role As Juno Investor Class Certified October 23, 2017 Whales Are Fish And Tribal Borders Need Fix, 9th Circ. Says October 19, 2017 Tribe Slams Rival's Claim To Fishing Rights In 9th Circ. Cases (1614) October 25, 2017 | Washington Western Securities and Exchange Commission v. Lidingo Holdings, LLC et al 850(Securities/Commodities) October 13, 2017 | Washington Western Okolie v. City of Seattle et al Civil Rights: Other October 13, 2017 | Washington Western Scanlon v. Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB 190(Contract: Other)
Richard A. JonesWashington Western, California Eastern, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict LitigationOctober 26, 2017 Starbucks Must Face Applicant's Suit Over Background Check October 20, 2017 Trump Can’t Slip Seattle And Portland’s Sanctuary City Suit September 29, 2017 Immigrants Challenging Gov't Vetting Program Demand Docs Cases (1464) October 10, 2017 | Washington Western Ng v. Bing Kung Association et al 440(Civil Rights: Other) October 10, 2017 | Washington Western Herbert v. Safeway Inc et al 440(Civil Rights: Other) October 2, 2017 | Washington Western Seattle Sperm Bank, LLC v. Cryobank America, LLC et al Other Statutory Actions
Robert J. BryanWashington Western, Alaska, California Central, Arizona, California Eastern, Idaho, OregonSeptember 19, 2017 Insurer Escapes Builder's $4.45M Deal Over Faulty Homes August 10, 2017 Tribe Snags Early Win In Landslide Liability Dispute May 12, 2017 Tribe Members' Suit Over Cig Sale Prosecutions Gets Nixed Cases (761) October 25, 2017 | Washington Western Casterlow-Bey v. Barnes and Nobles 820(Copyright) October 24, 2017 | Washington Western Landmark Technology LLC v. Gensco, Inc 830(Patent) October 20, 2017 | Washington Western Suda et al v. United States of America Taxes
Robert S. LasnikWashington Western, California EasternOctober 27, 2017 Avis Wage Class Action Axed For Entangling Wrong Cos. October 20, 2017 Avis Contract Workers Win Class Cert. In Wash. Wage Suit September 8, 2017 9th Circ Keeps Uber, Lyft Union Law Paused For Appeal Cases (2086) October 24, 2017 | Washington Western LVB-Ogden Marketing Corporation v. Bingham et al October 23, 2017 | Washington Western United States of America v. Kuiken et al October 23, 2017 | Washington Western United States of America v. Nurse et al
Ronald B. LeightonWashington Western, California Central, California EasternJuly 19, 2017 Fox Factory Patent Suit Stays In Calif., Despite TC Heartland July 14, 2017 Judge OKs Fund Freeze As Cerner Defends Award On Appeal July 3, 2017 Acco Can't Move Stapler IP Suit Under TC Heartland Cases (1447) October 23, 2017 | Washington Western Porter v. Porter 470(Racketeer/Corrupt Organization) October 23, 2017 | Washington Western Johnson v. King County 440(Civil Rights: Other) October 16, 2017 | Washington Western Bozgoz et al v. Essakahi et al Racketeer/Corrupt Organization
Rosanna M. PetersonWashington EasternAugust 22, 2017 9th Circ. Says BIA Erred In Rejecting Asylum Seeker May 16, 2017 Tribal Cig Co. Asks 9th Circ. To Reverse Ruling In Feds' Suit March 2, 2017 Ex-Tech Writer Can't Nix Drone Secrets Theft Conviction Cases (576) October 19, 2017 | Washington Eastern Smith et al v. New Casey's LLC dba T K Auto 890(Other Statutory Actions) September 27, 2017 | Washington Eastern Stone v. Lincare Inc Civil Rights: Jobs September 20, 2017 | Washington Eastern United States of America v. Metteer et al 870(Taxes)
Samuel ContiCalifornia Northern, New York Southern, Washington Western, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict LitigationFebruary 27, 2017 Frito-Lay Wants Deceptive Label Class Action Trashed January 30, 2017 Sharp, Toshiba Settle CRT Price-Fix Claims September 12, 2016 Covington Nabs Sidley NorCal Vet To Lead West Coast Deals Cases (1019) August 27, 2015 | California Northern STMicroelectronics, Inc. v. Lopez Contract: Other July 27, 2015 | California Northern Chen et al v. eBay Inc. et al Contract: Other July 16, 2015 | California Northern Intel Corporation v. Vital Intel, Inc. Trademark
Sharon L. GleasonAlaska, Arizona, Washington WesternJuly 31, 2017 Genetic Privacy Row Beats Dismissal Bid Without Class Cert. July 3, 2017 Spokeo Doesn't Doom Genetic Privacy Row, Judge Says June 26, 2017 Alaska Granted Intervention In DNA Testing Privacy Dispute Cases (487) October 24, 2017 | Alaska Alaska Pretrial Detainees for the End of Unwarranted Courtroom Shackling et al v. Johnson et al 440(Civil Rights: Other) October 11, 2017 | Alaska Nelson v. Gonzales et al 440(Civil Rights: Other) October 11, 2017 | Alaska Emrit v. Secretary of State of Alaska et al 445(Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Employment)
Stanley A. BastianWashington Eastern, California Eastern, IdahoSeptember 7, 2017 Atlantic Off Hook In Battle Over Coverage For E-Cig Explosion August 28, 2017 Journalist, Site Operator Can't Exit Marketing Co.'s Suit February 28, 2017 Enviros Settle FOIA Suit Over Groundwater Pollution Worries Cases (236) October 17, 2017 | Washington Eastern Kennewick Public Hospital District v. Philips Medical Capital 422(Bankruptcy Appeal (801)) October 17, 2017 | Washington Eastern Kennewick Public Hospital District v. Key Government Finance Inc 422(Bankruptcy Appeal (801)) September 8, 2017 | Washington Eastern Ryder v. Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories LLC Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Employment
Stephen M. McNameeArizona, California Eastern, Washington Eastern, California CentralSeptember 6, 2017 9th Circ. Gives No Deference To DOL On Tip-Credit Guidance March 17, 2017 ‘Google’ TM So Common It’s Become Generic, 9th Circ. Told August 16, 2016 PF Chang's Servers Urge 9th Circ. To Revive Tip-Credit Suits Cases (395) January 18, 2017 | Arizona Ramirez et al v. Thomas Arnold Incorporated et al Labor: Fair Standards January 13, 2017 | Arizona Klinger v. Rine et al Civil Rights: Other December 15, 2016 | Arizona Owen et al v. Angry Crab Shack Corporation et al Labor: Fair Standards
Thomas S. ZillyWashington Western, New York Southern, Oregon, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict LitigationOctober 3, 2017 9th Circ. Judge ‘Creeped Out’ By ESPN, Adobe Data Swap October 3, 2017 ESPN Slams Privacy Watchdog’s Brief In App User’s Suit September 29, 2017 ESPN App User Backed By Privacy Watchdog In 9th Circ. Row Cases (1079) October 23, 2017 | Washington Western Doe v. Seatree et al 440(Civil Rights: Other) September 18, 2017 | Washington Western Venice PI, LLC v. Doe 1 et al Copyright September 15, 2017 | Washington Western Richendifer-Scarpelli 422(Bankruptcy Appeal (801))

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