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Allison D. Burroughs Massachusetts October 5, 2017 Chinese National Ordered Out Of US Over Student Visa Plot September 12, 2017 Indicted Insys Execs Face October 2018 Trial September 1, 2017 Fed. Circ. Affirms CardiAQ Win In $112M Trade Secret Row Cases (500) October 27, 2017 | Massachusetts Goff v. Cigna Corporation et al 791(Labor: E.R.I.S.A.) October 25, 2017 | Massachusetts Bushansky v. Carlucci et al Securities/Commodities October 19, 2017 | Massachusetts Rubin v. Exa Corporation et al 160(Stockholders Suits)
Denise J. Casper Massachusetts, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation October 16, 2017 End-Payors, Direct Purchasers Get Cert. In Solodyn MDL October 10, 2017 Enbridge Unit Says Mass. Town Preempted In Pipeline Battle October 6, 2017 Attys Argue For 1/3 Slice Of $15M Asacol Deal Pie As Fees Cases (1265) October 27, 2017 | Massachusetts Fernandes Depina et al v. McDonald et al 463(Habeas Corpus - Alien Detainee) October 17, 2017 | Massachusetts Cuzzi et al v. Trustees of Boston University Labor: Fair Standards September 21, 2017 | Massachusetts United States of America v. CEI Community Ventures, LLC et al
Donald L. Cabell Massachusetts October 24, 2017 Pharma Insider Trading Suspects Deny Using Nonpublic Info October 12, 2017 'Dr. Jekyll' Pharma Insider Trading Suspect Released Again September 25, 2017 Judge Rips Insider Trading Suspect’s ‘Arrogance’ Cases (53) September 14, 2017 | Massachusetts PHH Mortgage Corporation v. Rodriguez et al Taxes June 12, 2017 | Massachusetts MacLean v. Great Bowery, Inc. et al Copyright May 26, 2017 | Massachusetts Dyer et al v. J.P. Obelisk, Inc. Labor: E.R.I.S.A.
Douglas P. Woodlock Massachusetts, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation October 19, 2017 Ex-Mass. Rep. Can't Nix Convictions Under High Court Ruling October 18, 2017 NPR Station Wants Names, Addresses Of Meningitis Jurors October 6, 2017 1st Circ. Upholds Calif. Atty's Pump-And-Dump Conviction Cases (3682) October 27, 2017 | Massachusetts Salvador Garcia v. Barrantes-Ramirez et al Personal Injury: Health Care/Pharmaceutical Personal Injury Product Liability September 25, 2017 | Massachusetts United States of America et al v. Universal Health Services, Inc. et al Qui Tam (31 U.S.C. § 3729(a)) May 30, 2017 | Massachusetts Kelly v. Riverside Partners, LLC et al
Edward F. Harrington Massachusetts January 27, 2014 Bain, KKR Slam Class Cert. Bid In Collusion Suit November 15, 2013 Silver Lake Can't Go Solo In Antitrust Suit Against PE Giants August 30, 2013 PE Firm Thomas H. Lee Escapes LBO Antitrust Suit Cases (57) March 29, 2013 | Massachusetts MOCHI et al v. Advanced Bionics Corporation et al Personal Injury: Health Care/Pharmaceutical Personal Injury Product Liability March 20, 2013 | Massachusetts Sheehy v. Consumer Solutions 3, LLC Real Property: Foreclosure February 27, 2013 | Massachusetts Chiang v. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts et al Civil Rights: Jobs
F. Dennis Saylor, IV Massachusetts October 24, 2017 Guatemalan Gets 4 Months For Illegal Re-Entry Into US October 3, 2017 Fraudster Wants Verdict Nixed Over Prosecutor’s Closing September 14, 2017 Reebok-CCM Fights Fees Bid In Helmet Royalties Row Cases (1744) October 26, 2017 | Massachusetts Jalbert v. Securities and Exchange Commission Other Statutes: Administrative Procedures Act/Review or Appeal of Agency Decision October 25, 2017 | Massachusetts Adams v. Wells Fargo Bank 220(Real Property: Foreclosure) October 10, 2017 | Massachusetts Kaira v. Moniz et al 463(Habeas Corpus - Alien Detainee)
George A. OToole, Jr. Massachusetts, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation January 18, 2011 Ex-Stryker Exec Tries To Nix Cover-Up Claim Cases (1265) October 27, 2017 | Massachusetts Eze v. Endeavor Capital Funding et al 220(Real Property: Foreclosure) October 20, 2017 | Massachusetts GAIA Enterprises, Inc. v. US ECO Products Corporation October 17, 2017 | Massachusetts New England Carpenters Central Collection Agency et al v. All American Sports Group, LLC and Michael A. DiNatale 791(Labor: E.R.I.S.A.)
Indira Talwani Massachusetts October 26, 2017 Stryker’s 'Intrusive' Hip Implant Patient Survey Rejected October 20, 2017 Subprime Auto Loan Co. Execs Get Jail Time For $11M Fraud October 12, 2017 1st Circ. Won't Rethink Ending Sarepta Securities Suit Cases (678) October 27, 2017 | Massachusetts LUSH v. HOWMEDICA OSTEONICS CORPORATION 365(Personal Inj. Prod. Liability) October 24, 2017 | Massachusetts Weis v. Howmedica Osteonics et al Personal Injury: Health Care/Pharmaceutical Personal Injury Product Liability October 24, 2017 | Massachusetts KOLBOSKY v. HOWMEDICA OSTEONICS CORPORATION et al 365(Personal Inj. Prod. Liability)
Joseph L. Tauro Massachusetts, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation December 1, 2016 MLB Reaches Labor Deal Just Hours Before Deadline December 21, 2015 Artist In 'Kung Fu Panda' Copying Suit Faces Fraud Charges June 24, 2015 $8M Fee Fight In Audi-VW Sludge MDL Spurs New Suit Cases (534) April 24, 2014 | Massachusetts Perez v. Yalcinkaya, LLC et al Labor: Fair Standards April 16, 2014 | Massachusetts Veazie v. Diversified Consultants, Inc. Consumer Credit March 18, 2014 | Massachusetts Kheng v. Greg et al Other Statutes: Administrative Procedures Act/Review or Appeal of Agency Decision
Judith G. Dein Massachusetts, Puerto Rico October 12, 2017 Retired Colonel Pleads Not Guilty In Haiti Bribe Plot September 26, 2017 Sanofi Urges Judge To Dump Antitrust Suit Over Lantus August 25, 2017 Foreign Discovery Mostly Denied In Zofran Birth Defect MDL Cases (267) September 15, 2017 | Puerto Rico September 14, 2017 | Massachusetts Harnish v. Crook 340(Marine) August 24, 2017 | Massachusetts Bishay v. Cornetta et al 440(Civil Rights: Other)
Kenneth P. Neiman Massachusetts, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation April 25, 2013 Hartford Fire Cut Loose From $5M Fight With DirecTV Installer October 1, 2012 'Angels And Demons' Plagiarism Appeal Rejected By High Court March 22, 2012 1st Circ. Shreds Plagiarism Suit Over 'Angels And Demons' Cases (190) June 2, 2014 | Massachusetts Parrott v. Patrick et al Civil Rights: Other May 21, 2014 | Massachusetts WILSON v. JOLI HAIR SALON IV, INC et al Labor: Fair Standards May 15, 2014 | Massachusetts Romano v. Diversified Consultants, Inc. Consumer Credit
Leo T. Sorokin Massachusetts October 27, 2017 Investment Banker A No-Show In Joplin Biopic Fraud Suit October 23, 2017 Consultant In Janis Joplin Biopic Loan Row Has Claims Pared October 19, 2017 Brazilian Cops To Laundering Funds From TelexFree Scam Cases (716) October 24, 2017 | Massachusetts Humes v. MBTA 440(Civil Rights: Other) October 19, 2017 | Massachusetts v. West et al 422(Bankruptcy Appeal (801)) October 2, 2017 | Massachusetts Clifford Russell Trathen v Medical Device Services, Inc et al Personal Inj. Prod. Liability
M. Page Kelley Massachusetts September 22, 2017 Pharma Insider-Trading Suspect Arrested Again September 27, 2016 Late Subpoenas In EEOC Texas Roadhouse Beef Quashed June 27, 2016 Ranbaxy: Court Recognizes Fraud-On-The-FDA Antitrust Claim Cases (71) October 10, 2017 | Massachusetts Padmanabhan, MD PhD v. Hulka et al Racketeer/Corrupt Organization August 31, 2017 | Massachusetts Diaz v. Johnson Other Statutes: Administrative Procedures Act/Review or Appeal of Agency Decision August 24, 2017 | Massachusetts Konze v. CIGNA Insurance Company 110(Insurance)
Marianne B. Bowler Massachusetts October 5, 2017 MIT Gets ERISA Suit Over Retirement Plans Trimmed April 27, 2017 Insurance Suit Faces Hurdle: Plaintiffs Are In Prison March 13, 2017 Indicted State Street Execs Point To Bank's Forex Woes Cases (228) September 15, 2017 | Massachusetts Charter Oak Fire Insurance Company v. Quality Air Metals, Inc. Prop. Damage Prod. Liability August 7, 2017 | Massachusetts Fernandes v. Starbucks Corporation Civil Rights: Jobs July 11, 2017 | Massachusetts Villalba-Alvarado v. Tommy Chang, Superintendent Civil Rights: Jobs
Mark G. Mastroianni Massachusetts October 18, 2017 Cosby Accuser Can’t Revive Defamation Suit At 1st Circ. October 18, 2017 AIG Seeks To Ax Cosby Defamation Suit Coverage At 1st Circ. October 4, 2017 Cosby Accuser Asks 1st Circ. To Revive Defamation Suit Cases (491) October 27, 2017 | Massachusetts Fletcher v. Super Brush LLC 440(Civil Rights: Other) September 27, 2017 | Massachusetts Berkshire Medical Center, Inc. v. Massachusetts Nurses Association et al Labor: Labor/Mgt. Relations September 21, 2017 | Massachusetts Richardson v. Wal-Mart Stores East, LP Civil Rights: Jobs
Mark L. Wolf Massachusetts September 13, 2017 Exxon Can't Be Sued For Sea Rise In 'Far Future,' Judge Says August 21, 2017 Ex-BioChemics CEO's SEC Deal Bars Him From Leading Cos. August 9, 2017 Ex-Gottex Accountant Gets Over 4 Years For Stealing $3.5M Cases (696) September 25, 2017 | Massachusetts Microsoft Corporation v. John Does 1-10 Copyright September 22, 2017 | Massachusetts United States of America v. Gerrits et al Other Statutory Actions September 5, 2017 | Massachusetts Governo et al v. Allied World Insurance Company Insurance
Michael A. Ponsor Massachusetts, Northern Mariana Islands, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation October 16, 2017 NY Judge Pens Crime Novel Spotlighting Racial Injustice September 22, 2017 Mass. Judge Uses Fiction To Bring Readers To The Bench November 23, 2016 1st Circ. Guts Mandatory Detention Ruling In Class Action Cases (691) October 12, 2017 | Massachusetts UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. One White 2011 Chevrolet Equinox 2LT 625(Drug Related Seizure of Property) September 21, 2017 | Massachusetts Ellis v. U-Haul International, Inc. Civil Rights: Jobs August 16, 2017 | Massachusetts HUSSEIN v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 891(Agriculture Acts)
Nancy Gertner Massachusetts October 19, 2017 Law360's Weekly Verdict: Legal Lions & Lambs October 17, 2017 2nd Circ. Vindicates Bharara's Level Global Raid August 17, 2017 8th Circ. Says Ritchie's Suit Should Be Stayed, Not Tossed Cases (76) April 12, 2011 | Massachusetts Bakon v. CitiMortgage, Inc. et al Real Property: Foreclosure April 8, 2011 | Massachusetts Delima v. Seyfarth Shaw Attorney's at Law Civil Rights: Other March 25, 2011 | Massachusetts Willette v. Clinical Data, Inc. et al Stockholders Suits
Nathaniel M. Gorton Massachusetts, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, District Of Columbia October 23, 2017 Uber Fights Boston Suits, Saying Local Taxi Rules Don't Apply October 6, 2017 Massachusetts Judge Consolidates 7 Uber Antitrust Suits October 5, 2017 MIT Gets ERISA Suit Over Retirement Plans Trimmed Cases (1317) October 19, 2017 | Massachusetts UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. Environmental Matters October 19, 2017 | Massachusetts State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Department of Environmental Management v. Bouchard Transportation Company, Inc. et al 893(Environmental Matters) October 18, 2017 | Massachusetts Microsoft Corporation v. Teratech Corporation et al Trademark
Patti B. Saris Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation October 19, 2017 'Double-Breasted' Operations Face Criminal Risk September 25, 2017 BNY Can't Dislodge Class Rep In Trust Beneficiaries Case September 6, 2017 Suit Over Claims Admin's Deal In $16M Award Heads To Trial Cases (1011) October 12, 2017 | Massachusetts Forward Financing LLC v. Transaction Corp. et al 190(Contract: Other) October 3, 2017 | Massachusetts Alves v. Hodgson 463(Habeas Corpus - Alien Detainee) September 28, 2017 | Massachusetts M.J. Electric, LLC v. Crest Precast, Inc. 190(Contract: Other)
Richard G. Stearns Massachusetts, New York Southern, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation October 25, 2017 Second Pharmacist Convicted In Meningitis Outbreak Trial October 25, 2017 Conagra Escapes 'Natural' Labeling Suit Over Wesson Oil October 24, 2017 Jury Hints At Racketeering Conviction In Meningitis Case Cases (1371) October 27, 2017 | Massachusetts Hall v. Hayes Management Consulting et al 442(Civil Rights: Jobs) October 4, 2017 | Massachusetts Life Is Good Company v., LLC et al Trademark October 3, 2017 | Massachusetts Van Dang v. McDonald 463(Habeas Corpus - Alien Detainee)
Robert B. Collings Massachusetts September 12, 2017 9th Circ. Partially Revives Wells Fargo Rate Index Class Action April 2, 2015 Heated Carnival Co. Wage Row Sent To Mediation August 26, 2014 Zuckerberg Classmate Defends Random House Sanctions Bid Cases (130) January 30, 2014 | Massachusetts Moorehouse v. Standard Insurance Company Labor: E.R.I.S.A. January 15, 2014 | Massachusetts AutoNation, Inc. et al v. Vitale Family Auto, LLC Trademark December 19, 2013 | Massachusetts Gomes v. Herb Chambers Cambridge Street, Inc. Labor: Family and Medical Leave Act
Rya W. Zobel Massachusetts, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation October 25, 2017 Head Of Wildlife Smuggling Conspiracy Pleads Guilty October 17, 2017 Patent Suit Against ASUS Moved To Calif. By TC Heartland October 11, 2017 SEC Wants Insider Trading Penalty 'With Sobering Message' Cases (1717) October 2, 2017 | Massachusetts Verde-LLanes v. McDonald et al 463(Habeas Corpus - Alien Detainee) October 2, 2017 | Massachusetts Barclays Capital Inc v. Grady Contract: Recovery/Enforcement September 20, 2017 | Massachusetts Blackout Merch, LLC v. Does 1-100 et al Trademark
Timothy S. Hillman Massachusetts, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation May 22, 2017 $100M Defamation Suit Against Bloomberg Tossed May 19, 2017 Mass. Fiber Optic Cable Operator Must Abide By $4M Contract October 26, 2016 ACT Can't End Junk Fax Class Action With Cash Offer Cases (1031) October 19, 2017 | Massachusetts Holdcraft v. Town of Brookfield et al 440(Civil Rights: Other) October 11, 2017 | Massachusetts Champagne v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company 791(Labor: E.R.I.S.A.) October 10, 2017 | Massachusetts Zulfiqar et al v. Richardson et al Other Statutes: Administrative Procedures Act/Review or Appeal of Agency Decision
William G. Young Massachusetts, New York Southern, New York Northern, Tennessee Western, Connecticut, Florida Middle, California Central October 26, 2017 Mass. Cop Indicted For Helping ‘Codfather’ Smuggle Cash October 19, 2017 Officer Who Aided 'The Codfather' Gets 1-Year Prison Term October 19, 2017 Fla. Firms To Pay $9.1M For Engle Ethics Disaster Cases (2580) October 20, 2017 | Massachusetts Fernandez v. McDonald et al 463(Habeas Corpus - Alien Detainee) October 17, 2017 | Puerto Rico Maldonado-Arce et al Personal Property: Other October 11, 2017 | Massachusetts Magellan Aerospace Haverhill, Inc. v. Eagle Energy Sources, Inc. Contract: Other

Plaintiffs, Defendants, Witnesses (01/11/1999 - 01/01/2019) - Pierpont Malcom Rowson Velvet Hendley J. Damion Kennelly Anamaria Bielewicz Bonita Morack Pattie Talaski Myrtle Pazdan Melania Votaw Jeanne Bernardino Sanora Detoma U. Rusty Bramschreiber P. Valentine Muster Eulah Muskrat Esmeralda Maslowski Cary Taste Nova Kruze Refugio Grothouse Arron Oyenuga Brian Dudzic N. Kiersten Laselle Pansy Masad Dorthea Capano Ayanna Vanbuskirk Leandra Fettinger U. Christi Kallaus Fern Noble Lorenzo Hedgepeth Ingeborg Bayler L. Ceola Ler Jackelyn Osti Allyson Ferrazzi Shaina Loveday E. Allena Newsham Walton Mccoid Marshall Wenn F. Oliva Trusky Rolanda Glushko Beryl Westcoat Taunya Christle Zoe Sarnie Domenica Mest Vern Faxon Stormy Canizares Q. Benjamin Gazal J. Kendal Onyia V. Neoma Furusho Hyon Lattrell Ashley Sandgren Johnathon Dalmaso Phebe Urtecho L. Shavon Livermore Lucilla Hiersche Walter Wuorinen Gudrun Kofahl Jennette Komolafe Margeret Neadeau Ethel Marinkovich Kermit Barada Temeka Shaleen Sheron Potteiger K. Phoebe Ruefer Virginia Penno Ronni Heermans Kendall Sinanan Jaquelyn Linfoot Vicki Sacchetti Fairy Cinquini Barney Confair Macie Malmborg Arlen Amoh Iva Anil R. Jazmine Jenny P. Mitsue Scorza Walter Staubs Franklyn Yriarte Christena Casal Teresia Spresser I. Homer Manges Kevin Sobarzo Markita Standiford I. Nova Mirth P. Karie Deschine Madelyn Milanowski Zandra Dautremont Tommye Rampulla Delora Dahlbeck William Smerker Lucas Buongiorno Ava Leazenby Julio Rollin M. Kendall Bassetti R. Farrah Larmee Ted Callaham Rosemary Aslanian R. Edmund Zambetti Shani Burgher Q. Brenda Borsodi Gretchen Conry Nestor Magnon Ryan Keri Chester Gonnella Shantel Patrizio Douglass Mantz P. Lara Seidler Clemmie Roias Blair Turnbill Leisa Esry S. Alane Talmadge O. Brande Niedzwiedz Aracely Hoft Tamela Schoenke O. See Romack I. Johnie Bottomlee Gabriele Ozimek Marilynn Enz Henry Foss B. Kathlyn Caldera Toi Winegarner Hilary Doling L. Jennefer Bofinger M. Arlean Hutches Felice Reevers Yadira Gaskill Natasha Bouttavong T. Ozell Littmann F. France Tadese Ida Arvidson R. Bella Jeremy Demetrius Zehra Maryrose Sturdevant Travis Frisque Jillian Fielden Cherish Ruilova Julienne Colpaert Ling Golani Lyn Roath Ming Saloom Ericka Madle H. Ruthanne Cuebas I. Raymond Steenstra N. Tamisha Plucinski K. Joana Arblaster In Guare J. Carrol Shambo Suzan Blossey Ethelyn Golden Shelly Manfull Janna Hoerman Roxie Wiedmeier Deana Fillhart Tai Wilberding Antonio Tiggs Leonel Verbus Eunice Prokes G. Ivy Honors Cyril Witmyer U. Raquel Perezflores Marty Wiltzius V. Vern Elfers Kaleigh Dogan Emil Adderton Mavis Rheinhart T. Kourtney Pierini Nicky Simeona Seymour Quadir R. Jesse Legagneur Hollis Guaracha Tien Houseright Daren Rusthoven N. Leda Lees A. Lashawnda Meath Tora Joppy T. Argelia Walters V. Selma Vervoort Venessa Cappetto D. Yasmine Schuett Russell Branaugh R. Claudia Barrero I. Willian Tappy D. Evelynn Dijak Marguerite Veldt Cody Scheidle Lenard Musil Scott Tajiboy Ned Sixtos Buford Brentzel E. Michiko Blagrave Kitty Isunza L. Karoline Gortney Kiana Schleppi Fay Cornelison Paula Madireddy G. Cassey Dunford G. Patrica Herian Usha News Sherril Oligmueller Preston Masucci Lakiesha Forfa Alda Ketterhagen Kanisha Barrineau Aleida Getzlaff Carmina Baylen Alexa Cleeves Carmelo Bicoy C. Sharron Kellas Malena Muzio Mariel Paoloni Malinda Fidalgo Geoffrey Milbourne Kraig Oeltjen Leann Keskitalo Leif Tedore Casey Neefe P. Maryln Criner W. Errol Clinebell C. Stephenie Medic Marie Holba Li Vonk E. Sina Shabani Aida Pynenberg Eilene Vollen Elise Hinrichs Teresia Grilliot L. Chanda Peals Valery Dingwall K. Mason Moorjani A. Walker Civic Theressa Valdezgarcia Tonie Endrizzi Leonardo Werber P. Calvin Persad Mark Norwell E. Valerie Selig Jo Peshoff Krystyna Jagodzinski B. Edyth Depari Norma Kawula Milan Chary Rolf Kilts Carissa Tieng Delicia Joubert P. Ofelia Devriendt U. Mac Poppie Keshia Surpris Graciela Masri Jose Surritte Rosina Gehron Renna Pevehouse Jule Bore Sherri Colier Reid Hoernemann Emory Haanpaa Olympia Puntel Janella Penne Althea Tobis Federico Corathers U. Clint Acker Tia Greedy Ozell Weidenhammer Tamela Magerkurth Yolando Hickey Norman Peneaux Danyell Vanbeber Janette Brunetto D. Gemma Hershkowitz M. Dorris Mctier S. Alfonso Daffron Sharlene Lefave Juanita Asbel D. Han Kennel S. Jack Moray Byron Trovillion Jacelyn Sotorivera D. Mariam Golly Wynona Mcclennon Daniel Huchko Carlie Damian Yvone Fillmore N. Coralee Bangel Daniella Boudrow Edison Versteegh Katharine Kumnick O. Izetta Kopas M. Jacquelyn Sanburn Aurora Piserchia Perry Braeutigam Nena Joannides N. Lucile Pottier Merrilee Savaglio Jesica Hajali Mack Strever E. Jackson Urbanowski A. Silvana Cischke L. Wai Miers Rosamond Coressel Zackary Baudin Antionette Danaher Daniela Hefferman Sommer Zupko Thao Potestio Katherine Christal W. Zelda Vielmas Chas Gevorkyan Q. Cindi Gahler Nakesha Lamprey M. Paulene Huen Maria Gellings Blaine Dimit Paulette Buckbee Danyel Swonke Mel Lanzarotta Alvaro Myler Carlee Kimmons Damion Olmeda H. Linsey Gutz Ivey Vesco J. Denyse Earth S. Adam Megerle G. Cara Leskanic Brandee Hattem S. Leda Kathrens Talia Nixdorf Nakisha Kovalchuk Henry Marschel Angelic Toguchi Damion Ruggero R. Berry Ribe Waneta Pugliesi Tad Parobek Many Syfert Lou Rydalch N. Telma Greenholt Reba Ezpinoza Takisha Fulfer Vita Hardekopf Jordon Harmuth Arlean Mcclymont Miquel Richins Elly Kondel R. Evan Rampal U. Haley Tenhundfeld Suellen Quinto C. Racquel Pattni H. Hyo Ackers E. Denisha Rammell Ela Handorf Janyce Heitzmann Kaitlyn Tasic Lenita Zangl C. Danielle Acord N. Merri Deleon W. Rima Portilla F. Tomeka Vollmuth Daniela Zisko Gary Slogar Leroy Skouby Myrtis Malla D. Nancey Frierdich O. Nilda Freni Art Baalmann T. Clifford Gruszecki E. Freida Zeak P. Eldon Yenter Antonina Seff Cynthia Samm Fredda Millhollin Jenell Sten Jene Lehmen Bridgette Asprer Silvana Pustka Kasie Trotti Kimberlee Basanta Melvin Wolfle Nicolasa Armatys Perla Trautner A. Carolyne Nabors B. Ken Trippany Sheryll Fecke Kraig Duhadway Candis Geistweidt Tenisha Pendleton F. Shelba Selmi A. Altha Yadgarov Brandon Aites Veronika Roller Maryellen Bracher Kacie Langmaid V. Maryann Sledzik A. Breanna Camber R. Joya Curvey Dodie Grosser Leonie Rachuba F. Samuel Artman Carlotta Celender Antoinette Jetmore Kenneth Scipioni F. Beaulah Connely Charles Poppe Tera Granzin Justa Cirka Maryln Ei Melvina Skolnick Germaine Panno Kendra Liuzza Russell Delplato Brendan Willborn Jame Cundall T. Kendra Kottenstette Porsha Cluckey Vanda Jerz Barton Verbeek K. Claud Beddoes Magan Lesesne Georgeann Skubisz Gail Holster Eleonore Biemer Abigail Setler I. Randolph Grandpre Roxann Radkiewicz T. Billi Little V. Alane Sarner F. Julian Lamberto O. Jame Kolessar Mazie Elberson A. Alva Verdes O. Erin Varnau Lynette Estades Rachell Topalovic Rosetta Hsieh Leone Deane Adella Chaykin V. Agnus Altes Delbert Vucic Rema Revilla Justin Mcniece G. May Kothe Zachery Thurlby Clarence Ackelson Tamera Palen Elyse Eusebio Danial Gallivan Chi Wiltsee V. Miriam Sammet Q. Joannie Gieseke O. Piper Cottonham Debby Hulser T. Salley Kalkan D. Tania Michalkiewicz Pandora Spaun Claude Grillo Wilhelmina Burraston J. Tatiana Avey Kenyatta Tolentino Bud Paese Rae Aki Nevada Leland Anitra Kersaint P. Lydia Adeleye A. Tyron Natho J. Floretta Leyua Delinda Krys Mayra Noecker Cassy Kamphaus Keira Wahlen Lila Jawor Twyla Lyng Isabell Zorger P. Laila Neylan Trang Widmaier Lesley Leiseth Almeta Taala Karima Husslein Lue Striggow Joe Pamer Asha Crockrell Sharice Pablico Verena Gierszewski Dario Zieba U. Kristi Vezeau Q. Zita Sammon Alba Mulica Henry Turro Maryanne Careno Samual Dembitzer Freida Gajewski Jonna Bleything Ken Gough E. Lexie Morissette Eric Zampetti U. Audrea Guinto J. Claudie Heikkinen Carson Meece Kory Lewes Magdalene Miller Maire Dillan Tammi Moxie Zula Duardo Marquita Gounaris B. Delta Tea Christian Schanzer B. Filomena Isern W. Adelaida Messinger Trula Turetzky Zoe Zmijewski Jeanice Hudgen Andree Yakubov Virgil Lempert Daniel Moxie I. Georgiana Azzolino Gerald Kreil N. Noelle Clocker Georgeann Molley V. Yuko Lavon Christine Kopca Carol Greenly Le Frett Fleta Lahmeyer Gillian Millage B. Coralee Vanschoick K. Livia Priolo Aileen Rytter Carlota Century Sade Petracek P. Meda Lenord N. Ora Haeck Madie Aristide Bernetta Broderick Dennis Lepel J. Daryl Forfa Q. Donovan Grbavac Bertram Caldarella Tad Fortado K. Tommie Wengert B. Claude Nesemeier Toi Kaps Thaddeus Kushmaul Holli Iida Tova Giralt Raul Wahlig Carlene Schmaderer Hank Avanesyan Angelique Tennies F. Shantelle Yanuaria Kattie Beermann Lamonica Welge Q. Libby Valliani Maris Seybert I. Aurea Culberth Giovanna Copland T. Fae Novotnak Dreama.

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