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Timolyn Tillman
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SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. doing as & business Busch Gardens Williamsburg, LLC doing business as Busch Gardens Williamsburg, SeaWorld Parks Entertainment Filed: August 03, 2021
# 2:2021cv00444 -
P.I.: Other §28:1441
Judge: Arenda L Wright Allen, Lawrence R Leonardjury demanded by Plaintiff
Todd Zywicki
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Jon M. Peterson, Anjan Chimaladinne, Simmi Bhuller, Julie Zobel, David Farris, Mehmood S. Kazmi, Ignacia S. Moreno, Wendy Marquez, Juan Carlos Iturregui, Dolly Oberoi, Horace Blackman, Carolyn J. Moss, James Hazel, Nancy Gibson Prowi, Gregory G Washington Filed: August 03, 2021
# 1:2021cv00894 -
Civil Rights: Other §28:1331
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Terence Lee Britt
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City of Virginia Beach VA, City of Virginia Beach Police Department, Municipal Police Department, VA, City of Virginia Beach, Commonwealth of Virginia Filed: August 11, 2021
# 2:2021cv00458 -
Civil Rights: Other §28:1331
Judge: Douglas E Miller, Roderick C Youngjury demanded by Plaintiff
Timothy L. Johnson
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LSC Communications MM LLC, LSC Communications US, LSC Communications Printing Company, LLC Filed: August 12, 2021
# 5:2021cv00054 -
P.I.: Other §28:1332
Judge: Thomas T Cullenjury demanded by Plaintiff
Tony Pervall
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Commissioner of Social Security Filed: August 16, 2021
# 3:2021cv00529 -
Social Security: SSID Tit. XVI §42:405
Judge: Robert E Payne
Tevin Lamall Johnson
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Director of the Virginia Department of Corrections Filed: August 12, 2021
# 1:2021cv00917 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254
Judge: Michael S Nachmanoff, Liam O'Grady
Tyson Jamire Knight
More Information
Henrico County Police Department Filed: August 11, 2021
# 3:2021cv00518 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Elizabeth W Hanes, Henry E Hudson
Tahirih Justice Center
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United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship, Immigration Services Filed: August 17, 2021
# 1:2021cv00934 -
Freedom of Information Act §05:552
Judge: Theresa Carroll Buchanan, T S Ellis
Teddy Mendoza
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Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Kevin Fitzpatrick Filed: August 18, 2021
# 1:2021cv00938 -
Motor Vehicle §28:1332
Judge: John F Anderson, Leonie M Brinkemajury demanded by Plaintiff
Taylor Boone
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United States of America Filed: August 24, 2021
# 2:2021cv00482 -
Personal Inj. Med. Malpractice §28:2671
Judge: Douglas E Miller, Rebecca Beach Smith
The Prudential Insurance Company of America
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Richard H. Wedding‚ Jr., Jeanne Marie H. Plumb, Rachael Wedding, Christine Marie Chewning Filed: August 24, 2021
# 1:2021cv00979 -
Insurance §28:1335
The Prudential Insurance Company of America
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Richard H. Wedding‚ Jr., Rachael H. Jeanne Wedding, Marie Plumb, Jeanne Marie Wedding, Christine Marie Chewning Filed: August 24, 2021
# 3:2021cv00548 -
Insurance §28:1335
Judge: M Hannah Lauck
Teena Hall
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Piedmont Senior Living Operations, LLC a Virginia limited liability company doing business as The Lodge At Old Trail Filed: August 26, 2021
# 3:2021cv00033 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §29:621
Judge: Norman K Moonjury demanded by Plaintiff
Tesa Bassin
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Chesapeake Rehab Equipment d/b/a Numotion, United Seating & Mobility d/b/a Numotion Filed: September 02, 2021
# 1:2021cv01012 -
P.I.: Other §28:1332
jury demanded by Both
The Prudential Insurance Company of America
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E. J., Dianna M. Jackson, M. F., Jodyann Jackson Filed: September 02, 2021
# 4:2021cv00111 -
Insurance §28:1332
Judge: Douglas E Miller, Rebecca Beach Smith
Teela Norris
More Information
Andrei Iancu, Gina M Raimondo Filed: September 07, 2021
# 1:2021cv01023 -
Other Statutory Actions §28:1331
Judge: Rossie D Alston, Michael S Nachmanoffjury demanded by Plaintiff
Tarik Diab
More Information
Inc., Experian Information Solutions Filed: September 09, 2021
# 1:2021cv01030 -
Consumer Credit §15 U.S.C. § 1681
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Timothy W. McAfee
More Information
Stacey A. Carson, Marley Green, Susan Town of Downs-Freeman, Pound, Clifton Cauthorne Filed: September 10, 2021
# 2:2021cv00033 -
Civil Rights: Other §42 U.S.C. § 1983
Judge: James P Jones, Pamela Meade Sargentjury demanded by Both
Tammy F. Rausch
More Information
Alta Cima Corp. Filed: September 13, 2021
# 7:2021cv00476 -
Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Employment §42 U.S.C. § 12101
Judge: Michael F Urbanskijury demanded by Plaintiff
Thayer Power & Communication Line Construction Company Shenandoah Cable Television, LLC Filed: September 14, 2021
# 5:2021cv00062 -
Contract: Other §28 U.S.C. § 1332
Judge: Thomas T Cullenjury demanded by Plaintiff
Tina Irlanda Estrada
More Information
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Filed: September 29, 2021
# 1:2021cv01094 -
P.I.: Other §28 U.S.C. § 1441
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Temekka W. Peterson
More Information
Lynn Green Filed: September 30, 2021
# 3:2021cv00630 -
Rent Lease & Ejectment §
Judge: M Hannah Lauck
Ty Williams
More Information
L.L.C., Burgerbusters XI, Burgerbusters V, L.L.C., L.L.C., Burgerbusters XII, Burgerbusters IX, L.L.C., L.L.C., Burgerbusters III, L.L.C., Burgerbusters IV, Burgerbusters VIII, L.C., L.L.C., Burgerbusters X, Burgerbusters Inc. Filed: September 24, 2021
# 1:2021cv01083 -
Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Other §42 U.S.C. § 12101
The Travelers Indemnity Company Of Connecticut
More Information
Michelle Pagan, Erick Duane Kaba, Spivey Inc. Rentals, Filed: October 06, 2021
# 2:2021cv00562 -
Insurance §28 U.S.C. § 2201
Judge: Lawrence R Leonard, Roderick C Young
Technology Revelations
More Information Inc. doing business as Techrev
Northrop Grumman Information Systems, Peraton, Inc. Filed: October 05, 2021
# 7:2021cv00518 -
Contract: Other §28 U.S.C. § 1332
Judge: Elizabeth K Dillon
Tyrone Lee
More Information
Isle of Wight Sheriff Department, Commonwealth Attorney Office, Magistrate Judge Rachel L. Zollweg, Chief Judge James E. Weiser (JDR) Filed: October 07, 2021
# 4:2021cv00131 -
Civil Rights: Other §28 U.S.C. § 1331
Judge: Raymond A Jackson, Robert J Krask
Toinina Williams
More Information
Atlantic Regional Central Business Office, Inc., Inc., Universal Health Services, UHS of Delaware Filed: October 12, 2021
# 3:2021cv00645 -
Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Employment §28 U.S.C. § 1331
Judge: John A Gibneyjury demanded by Plaintiff
Taylor Robinson
More Information
Inc., Your Dog's Best Friends Filed: November 25, 2021
# 1:2021cv01303 -
Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Employment §42 U.S.C. § 2000
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Teresa Evans
More Information
Technomics, Inc. Filed: October 25, 2021
# 1:2021cv01187 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §42 U.S.C. § 2000
Judge: Ivan D Davis, Anthony J Trengajury demanded by Plaintiff
Timmons Group
More Information
Edward G McGavran‚ III, Mandie Lee Cipcic d/b/a Radiant Energy Group, Joel Cipcic d/b/a Radiant Energy Group, Southern Tradesmen Service Group, LLC d/b/a STG Solar Southern Tradesmen Filed: November 15, 2021
# 3:2021cv00717 -
Defend Trade Secrets Act (of 2016) §
TK Elevator Corporation
More Information
William D. Shropshire Filed: November 08, 2021
# 7:2021cv00579 -
Defend Trade Secrets Act (of 2016) §
Judge: Thomas T Cullen
Test Only
More Information
Test Only 2 Filed: December 06, 2021
# 1:2021cv01362 -
Contract: Other §02 U.S.C. § 437
The Hilb Group of New England
More Information
Susan LePage Filed: December 07, 2021
# 3:2021cv00757 -
Defend Trade Secrets Act (of 2016) §
Judge: John A Gibneyjury demanded by Plaintiff
Troy Ickes
More Information
DePuy, Johnson & Johnson International, Inc., Inc., Inc., Johnson & Johnson, DePuy Orthopaedics, Johnson & Johnson Services Filed: November 30, 2021
# 1:2021cv01336 -
Personal Inj. Prod. Liability §28 U.S.C. § 1332
Judge: Ivan D Davis, Patricia Tolliver Gilesjury demanded by Plaintiff
Tonya T. Colvin
More Information
Mark R. Herring, Ellen-Marie Hess Filed: November 30, 2021
# 3:2021cv00746 -
Contract: Recovery/Enforcement §28 U.S.C. § 1331
Judge: Henry E Hudson
Timothy Paul
More Information Angelika Paul
More Information
Freedom Mortgage Corporation Filed: November 30, 2021
# 2:2021cv00633 -
Contract: Other §12 U.S.C. § 2601
Judge: Robert J Krask, Rebecca Beach Smithjury demanded by Plaintiff
Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association of AMerica Ms. Jessica Doll, Mr. Mitchell Falter Filed: November 09, 2021
# 1:2021cv01243 -
Contract: Other §15 U.S.C. § 1125
Tricia C DeFour
More Information
LLC, United Asset Management Filed: December 17, 2021
# 3:2021cv00795 -
Consumer Credit §15 U.S.C. § 1640
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Terry Montgomery
More Information
Wells Fargo Clearing Services, Wells Fargo C & Advisors Financial Network, C Custom Lawncare, Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Inc., LLC, LLC Filed: December 16, 2021
# 1:2021cv01402 -
P.I.: Other §28 U.S.C. § 1332
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Theresa B. Roman
More Information
LLC, Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-12, U.S. Bank National Association as Trustee for GSAA Home Equity Trust 2006-12, Trustee Services of Virginia Filed: December 29, 2021
# 3:2021cv00813 -
Contract: Other §28 U.S.C. § 1441
Judge: David J Novak
Traci Guynup
More Information
Ms. Carla Giacomangeli, Chief Deputy Travis Sumption, Judge Thomas Cullen Filed: December 28, 2021
# 5:2021cv00079 -
Civil Rights: Other §42 U.S.C. § 1983
Judge: Elizabeth K Dillon
Tony G. Forrester
More Information
Teara S. Dargan, Victory Ann Latham, S. Duke Storen Filed: December 27, 2021
# 4:2021cv00164 -
Civil Rights: Other §42 U.S.C. § 1983
Judge: Arenda L Wright Allen, Douglas E Miller
Tony McKenna
More Information
Tim Boyer, Bristol VA Police Officer Green, VA Bristol Police Officer Erickson, Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney for the City of Bristol, Bristol VA City Police Department, City Of Bristol, Bristol VA Police Officer Charles Thomas Jr Filed: January 12, 2022
# 1:2022cv00002 -
Civil Rights: Other §42 U.S.C. § 1983
Judge: James P Jones, Pamela Meade Sargentjury demanded by Plaintiff

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