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Filed, Nature of Suit, Judge
Qishon Vrba Allstate Insurance Co., Wells Fargo Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 2:2020cv02077 -
Insurance §28:1332
Judge: Thomas L Parker, Diane K Vescovo,
jury demanded by Defendant
Quinton M. Hamilton Ally Financial Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 3:2019cv00451 -
Negotiable Instrument §28:1441
Judge: Waverly D Crenshaw, Barbara D Holmes
Qualawash Holdings, LLC Chris Boak, Fred Fox, Rose Fox, Grace Trailer Service, Inc., Chris Fox # 2:2015cv02474 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: Charmiane G. Claxton
Quality Manufacturing Systems, Inc. R/X Automation Solutions, Inc. Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 3:2013cv00260 -
Contract: Other §28:1441 Notice of Removal
Judge: William J. Haynes,
jury demanded by Both
Quorum Health Resources, LLC Lexington Insurance Company, Ironshore Specialty Insurance Company Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 3:2012cv00248 -
Insurance §28:2201
Judge: John T. Nixon
Quik Find Plus, Inc Jim Giammarco, Tim Welch, Inc, Procon, Brian Boling Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 3:2009cv00184 -
Plaintiff §28:1332 Diversity-Breach
Judge: Thomas A Varlan,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quality Traffic Systems, Inc. Westchester Fire Insurance Company Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 3:2008cv00330 -
None §Diversity
Judge: William J. Haynes,
jury demanded by 28:1332 Diversity-Other Contract
Quorum Health Resources, LLC Richard E. D'Alberto Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 3:2007cv01222 -
Contract: Other §28:1332 Diversity-Other C
Judge: Robert Echols
Quest Worldwide, Inc. Randall J. McCroskey, Kitty Coleman, Timpco, LLC Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 3:2007cv00394 -
Contract: Other §28:1332 Diversity-Other C
Judge: Thomas W Phillips
Quality Resources, Inc. Inc., Entertainment America, Inc., National Fulfillment Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 3:2007cv00283 -
Contract: Other §28:1332 Diversity-Breach
Judge: E. Clifton Knowles
Quality Traffic Systems, Inc. United States Fire Insurance Company Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 3:2007cv00199 -
Contract: Other §28:1332 Diversity-Other C
Judge: Aleta A. Trauger
Qi Qing Weng Ming Guang Xu, Jin Mu Xu, Hana Japanese Hana Steakhouse, Japanese Steak House Inc., PIng Lin Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 2:2018cv00183 -
Labor: Fair Standards §29:201
Judge: Clifton L Corker, J Ronnie Greer,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quoc Viet Victor Le Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 3:2017cv00114 -
Fair Labor Standards Act §29:201
Judge: Harry S Mattice
Quinton Roberts Inc., Didacus Onodingene, Starcare of Tennessee Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 3:2007cv00546 -
Labor: Fair Standards §29:201 Denial of Overtime
Judge: Robert Echols
Quannah L. Harris The Bank of NY Mellon Trust, Shapiro & Ingle, LLP, Ocwen Loan Servicing Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 2:2018cv02597 -
Consumer Credit §15:1692
Judge: John T Fowlkes, Samuel H Mays,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quincy D Scott‚ Sr. Jim Shaw, Emily Petro, Sandra Donaghy, Dorothy Cherry, Freddie Shultz, Josh Rhodes Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 1:2016mc00049 -
Other §
Judge: Harry S Mattice
Q. Aaron Klein f/n/u Raine, L. Cathey, f/n/u Howard, Ray of Larimer, Correction Corp. America # 3:2014mc00791 -
Other §
Judge: Todd J. Campbell
Quinton Albert Cage Wayne Carpenter, Tony Mays, Derrick Schofield, Bill Haslam Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 3:2013mc00094 -
Other §
Judge: Kevin H. Sharp
Quality Recycling Services, Inc. Inc., Page International Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 2:2011cv02694 -
Other Statutory Actions §46:741
Judge: Diane K. Vescovo
Quincy Fuqua Criminal Justice Center, Metro Medical Center # 3:2011mc00037 -
Other §
Judge: William J. Haynes
Quincy L. Scott Jim Morrow Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 3:2010mc00026 -
Other §
Judge: Robert Echols
QG Enterprises, LLC Bank of America, Jerry A Bridenbaugh, National Association Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 3:2017cv00154 -
All Other Real Property §28:1332
Judge: C Clifford Shirley
Quannah L. Harris Mortgage Asset-Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2006-RZ4, LLC, Ocwen Loan Servicing, The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, P.C. Substitute Trustee, Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann, N.A. Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 2:2016cv02224 -
Foreclosure §28:1332
Judge: Samuel H. Mays,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quicken Loans, Inc., Jeff Seal N.A., U.S. Bank Trust # 3:2016cv00041 -
Foreclosure §28:1441
Judge: Aleta A. Trauger,
jury demanded by Both
Quoneka Turner Nancy Berryhill Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 1:2018cv01144 -
Social Security: DIWC/DIWW §42:427
Judge: S Thomas Anderson, Diane K Vescovo
Quincy Lewis Nancy Berryhill Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 1:2018cv01059 -
Disability Insurance §42:427
Judge: Edward G. Bryant
Quintilla Maria Vantrease Social Security Administration # 3:2014cv01321 -
Supplemental Security Income §42:405
Judge: Juliet E. Griffin
Quatavious Diaz Gray Michael J. Astrue, Michael Mukasey, David Kustoff # 1:2008cv01005 -
Social Security: SSID Tit. XIV §42:405 Review of HHS Deci
Judge: S. Thomas Anderson
Quannesha Underwood Inc., Celedon Trucking Services, Inc., Tarkous Williams, Jones Motor Group Company Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 2:2016cv02878 -
Motor Vehicle §28:1441
Judge: Tu M. Pham,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quintina Rice Department of Homeland Security Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 2:2014cv02092 -
Motor Vehicle §28:1346
Judge: Samuel H. Mays
Quang V. Tran, Nhuan T. Vu E.R. Exterminating Co., Henry D. Eachus, LLC, James D. Beene # 1:2011cv00179 -
Motor Vehicle §28:1332
Judge: Harry S Mattice,
jury demanded by Both
Quintonia Darden LLC, Freightliner # 1:2009cv00158 -
Plaintiff §28:1332 Diversity-Motor V
Judge: Susan K Lee,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quannah L. Harris, Hanalei Y. Harris Wilson & Associates, PLLC, Inc., Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems # 2:2012cv02460 -
Truth in Lending §28:1441
Judge: Samuel H. Mays
Quintilla Leonard Inc., Omni Visions Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 3:2018cv01313 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §42:2000e
Judge: William L Campbell, Alistair Newbern
Quinton Roath David W. Purkey, Andrea Clark, Jack Morgan, E. William Haslam, Mark Gwyn # 3:2017cv00995 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Waverly D. Crenshaw
Quandra Nichols Shelby County Government, Shelby County Division of Corrections, Mark Luttrell, Rod Bowers Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 2:2014cv02363 -
Employment §42:2000
Judge: John T. Fowlkes,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quinton Lee Clovis Tennessee Career Center Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 3:2013cv01213 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: William J. Haynes
Quincy L Kennedy Invent Help Company # 1:2013cv01188 -
Civil Rights: Other §42:1983 Civil Rights Act
Judge: James D. Todd
Quentin Oglesby All-Star Personnel, Inc. Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 3:2012cv00907 -
Employment §42:2000
Judge: William J. Haynes
Quantiko A. Esaw, Melanie A. Esaw Center Stone, Tennessee Carriers, Metro Police Dept. # 3:2012cv00639 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Todd J. Campbell
Quentin Link, Iris Link Kimber Halliburton, Metropolitan Nashville Board of Public Education, Harpeth Valley Elementary School Filed: Oct 26, 2020
# 3:2012cv00472 -
Other Civil Rights §20:1400
Judge: Aleta A. Trauger,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quintonio Boddie Sharon Lachney, United States of America, Dietz, Berhard Marcel Mills, Gerald Stipanek Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 2:2011cv02872 -
Other Civil Rights §28:2671
Judge: Diane K. Vescovo,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quiana Hammond Shelby County Healthcare Corporation Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 2:2011cv02703 -
Other Civil Rights §28:1441
Judge: Samuel H. Mays,
jury demanded by Defendant
Quinnette Amos Inc., McDonalds Restaurants of Tennessee Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 3:2010cv01063 -
Other Civil Rights §42:2000
Judge: William J. Haynes,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quiana Johnson, Karissa Sweat, Waynesia Brooks, William Wallace Metropolitan Government of Nashville, John Doe Police Officers 1-20, Joe Shelton, Davidson County # 3:2010cv00726 -
Other Civil Rights §28:1441
Judge: William J. Haynes,
jury demanded by Both
Quiana Johnson, Karissa Sweat, Waynnesia Brooks Davidson County, John Doe Police Officers 1-20, Metropolitan Government of Nashville, Joe Shelton # 3:2010cv00589 -
Other Civil Rights §28:1331
Judge: Todd J. Campbell,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quoneisha Jeffries Inc., Family Dollar Stores of Tennessee Filed: Oct 27, 2020
# 2:2010cv02261 -
Employment §29:201
Judge: Jon Phipps McCalla,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Quaine Nakitia Finley University of Tennessee - Knoxville Department of University Housing # 3:2009cv00304 -
None §42:2000e Job Discriminat
Judge: C Clifford Shirley

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