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Filed, Nature of Suit, Judge
Xathene M. Boisseau
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LaSalle Bank, National City Bank of Indiana, NA, Federal National Mortgage Association # 1:2011cv00312 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: John J McConnelljury demanded by Plaintiff
Xifias Navigation Limited
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Ocean Tankers Holdings Public Company Limited, Stavrodromi Maritime Company Limited, Wall Shipmanagement S.A. Filed: Sep 26, 2021
# 1:2010cv00451 -
Marine §28:1333
Judge: Mary M Lisi
X.R.a minor
More Information Ronald Robert Rodrigo
More Information Aurora Paula Malvar
Avid Airline Products of Rhode Island, Northwest Airlines Inc., Delta Airlines Inc., Inc., Northwest Airlines LLC # 1:2011cv00329 -
Tort Product Liability §28:1332
Judge: John J McConnelljury demanded by Both
Xavier Castro
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Inc., Davol, C.R. Bard, Bard Devices, Inc., Inc. # 1:2008cv02482 -
Both §Diversity
Judge: Mary M Lisijury demanded by 28:1332 Diversity-Product Liability
Xiao George Wang
More Information
Michael Igor, Robert F. Storm, City of Cranston # 1:2015cv00010 -
Employment §28:1331
Judge: William E. Smith

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