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James Kaliszuk
More Information
Silver Maples of Chelsea # 2:2021cv11572 -
Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Employment §42:2000
Judge: Sean F Cox, Anthony P Pattijury demanded by Plaintiff
Janay Thornton
More Information
Van Buren Community Mental Health Authority # 1:2021cv00560 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §28:451
Judge: Phillip J Green, Robert J Jonkerjury demanded by Plaintiff
Julie Diot
More Information
CMFG Life Insurance Company # 1:2021cv00571 -
Insurance §28:1332
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Jeffrey McCarver
More Information
Target Stores, Target Corporation # 2:2021cv11591 -
P.I.: Other §28:1332
Judge: Linda V Parker, Anthony P Pattijury demanded by Defendant
Jason D. Fisher
More Information
Gary Lighter, Miller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr LLP, Tiffany Gallo, Joanne Cambareri, Jennifer Jackman, Faith Miller Scheinkman, Jessica Lighter, PC, Jennifer Lighter, Guttridge & Cambareri # 2:2021cv11600 -
Racketeer/Corrupt Organization §
Judge: Kimberly G Altman, Denise Page Hoodjury demanded by Plaintiff
Justin Meade
More Information
LLC, Regional Financial Group LLC doing business as Regional Group LLC, Charter Holdings, Atlantic Regional Financial, LLC, Reliance Financial Group LLC doing business as Assurance Financial Management Group LLC, LLC, Progressive S, Allied Financial Group # 1:2021cv00569 -
Consumer Credit §15:1692
John Isaac Harris
More Information
Chad Newton, David Klein, Sean Woolf, Sharon L. Abraham, Michelle Crumm, Dana Heller, Julia Heck, Raymond Ro, Michael Hawks, Eunice Jeffries, James M. Smith, Dennis M. Beagen, Alexander Simpson, Rhonda Longsworth, Nathan K. Ford, Jessie Kimbrough Marshall # 2:2021cv11557 -
Other Statutory Actions §
Judge: Curtis Ivy, Victoria A Robertsjury demanded by Plaintiff
Jerry Lee Cummings
More Information
City of Flint, Douglas Santiago, Flint Police Department # 2:2021cv11598 -
Civil Rights: Other §28:1983
Judge: David M Lawson, Anthony P Pattijury demanded by Plaintiff
James U. Payne
More Information
Megan Stiverson, Michael Smith, Wes Ludeker, Neal Brady, Sara S. Lisznyai, Roderick R. Dunham, Ethan Bednar, Kristina Shaneour # 1:2021cv00589 -
Civil Rights: Other §28:1983
Judge: Sally J Berens, Hala Y Jarboujury demanded by Plaintiff
James Chestnut
More Information
Casualty Insurance Company, State Auto Property # 2:2021cv11638 -
Insurance §28:2201
Judge: Mark A Goldsmith, Curtis Ivy
Jermaine Williams
More Information
Brandon Bretes, Pedro Peraza, Jackson County # 2:2021cv11651 -
Civil Rights: Other §42:1983
Judge: Laurie J Michelson, Anthony P Pattijury demanded by Plaintiff
John Vorgitch
More Information
City of Harper Woods, Vincent Smith, John Szymanski # 2:2021cv11657 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §42:1983
Judge: Nancy G Edmunds, Elizabeth A Staffordjury demanded by Plaintiff
John Colmus
More Information
Pilot Travel Centers, LLC # 1:2021cv11665 -
P.I.: Other §28:1332
Judge: Thomas L Ludington, Patricia T Morris
Jaylin Kasmier-Alante Crayton
More Information
Michael Long, CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF VAN BUREN, Michael Rini, Christopher Hayes # 2:2021cv11714 -
Civil Rights: Other §28:1331
Judge: David R. Grand , Gershwin A Drainjury demanded by Plaintiff
John James Sakocius
More Information
United States, Moderna, Inc. # 1:2021cv00640 -
Civil Rights: Other §28:1983
Judge: Sally J Berens, Paul L Maloney
Jean Timlin
More Information
Equifax Information Services, LLC, Inc., Global Connections, Inc., Experian Information Solutions, Inc, L J Ross Associates # 5:2021cv11751 -
Consumer Credit §15:1681
Judge: Judith E Levy, Elizabeth A Staffordjury demanded by Plaintiff
Jill Klein
More Information
deceased by her Personal Representative
More Information
Brent Klein
Caterpillar Inc # 2:2021cv11748 -
P.I.: Other §42:1396
Judge: Mark A Goldsmith, Curtis Ivyjury demanded by Plaintiff

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