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XPO Logistics Supply Chain, Inc. Inc., Samsung SDS Global SCL America Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2019cv04398 -
Contract: Other §28:1332
Judge: Mark H Cohen,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xtreme Asset Holdings, LLC Adecco USA, Guerdy Claimon, Inc. Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2017cv01694 -
Other Contract §28:1441
Judge: Steve C Jones,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
XO Communications Services, LLC Castle Medical, LLC Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2016cv04043 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: Amy Totenberg
Xiaobing Tang Inc., American Modern Select Insurance Company Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2016cv01474 -
Insurance §28:1441
Judge: Mark H. Cohen
Xiaoxi Zhang William Walker Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 2:2016cv00036 -
Other Contract §28:1331
Judge: William C. O'Kelley
Xerox Corporation Joel C. Rowland, Basiqa, LLC Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2016cv01059 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: Orinda D. Evans
XRev Media, LLC The Affiliati Network, Inc. # 1:2014cv01790 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: Marvin H. Shoob,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xerox Corporation LIGHT FOR LIFE INC # 3:2012cv00094 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: C. Ashley Royal
Xerox Corporation Wise Business Forms, Incorporated Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2012cv01503 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: Steve C Jones
Xerox Corporation Partners in Print LLC # 5:2010cv00229 -
Other Contract §28:1332
Judge: C. Ashley Royal
Xerox Corporation Paulette E. Rakestraw, Jeffrey S. Braddock, Inc., Atlanta Marketing Solutions # 1:2010cv00130 -
Contract: Other §
Judge: Cooper
Xerox Corporation Savannah Blueprint Company Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 4:2009cv00047 -
None §Diversity
Judge: G. R. Smith,
jury demanded by 28:1332 Diversity-Other Contract
Xerox Corporation Shamrock Printing, Inc., Stephen Thomas Kirschner Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2009cv00561 -
Contract: Other §28:1332 Diversity-Breach
Judge: Carnes,
jury demanded by Defendant
Xinguang Technology Co. Ltd. of Sichuan Province Lowes Home Centers, Inc., The Home Depot, Inc., Hyloft, Inc. Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2007cv02786 -
Contract: Other §28:1332 Diversity-Breach
Judge: Ward,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
XL Insurance America, Inc. Trinity Universal Insurance Company, , Specified Products, Sto Corporation, Inc. Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2007cv00414 -
Insurance §28:2201 Declaratory Judge
Judge: Clarence Cooper,
jury demanded by Defendant
XpresSpa Holdings, LLC, Xpresspa Atlanta Terminal A, LLC LLC, The Law Practice of Kevin Ross, Kevin Ross Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2017mi00045 -
Other Statutory Actions §
Judge: Russell G. Vineyard
Xiang Hong Jiang Denise Frazier # 1:2013cv00007 -
Other Statutory Actions §28:1361 Petition for Writ
Judge: J. Randal Hall
Xavier Clemons, Margette Clemons Yvonne Yancy, Atlanta City Fire Department Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2011cv01474 -
Other Statutory Actions §00:0000
Judge: Timothy C. Batten,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xaa'el Kepheri Heru El Bey State of Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2011mi00029 -
Other Statutory Actions §00:0000
Judge: Unassigned
Xtreme Heaters, Inc. Inc., Andy Cook, Timothy Knight, Boat Safe Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2009cv03129 -
Other §15:1125a False representa
Judge: Ward,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xaver Ferguson, Robert Osborne Inc., U-Haul Company of Georgia, U-Haul International Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2009cv03207 -
Other §42:2000 Job Discriminatio
Judge: Pannell,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xiao Song, Hao Cheng Michael Chertoff, Emilio Gonzalez, Robert S. Mueller, Gerard Heinauer Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 3:2007cv00016 -
Other Statutory Actions §28:1331 Fed. Question: Re
Judge: Clay D. Land
Xiaodong Xu, Xuan Tao Ericka Rothschild Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2019cv03883 -
Rent Lease & Ejectment §15:1692
Judge: J P Boulee, Walter E Johnson
Xiu Qin Lin Terri Brooks-Joseph # 1:2019cv03348 -
Rent Lease & Ejectment §28:1441
Judge: Orinda D Evans, Catherine M Salinas
Xing Xing Yu Charles W. Banner Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2019cv02253 -
Rent Lease & Ejectment §28:1441
Judge: Michael L Brown
# 4:2018cv00198 -
Real Property: Foreclosure §
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xueliang Fan Ieshia McCain # 1:2016cv02293 -
Rent, Lease, and Ejectment §15:1692
Judge: Eleanor L. Ross
Xu Shuchang Dominika McGeorge Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2014cv02697 -
Rent, Lease, and Ejectment §28:1441
Judge: Timothy C. Batten
Xiomara Cruz-Torres Commissioner, Social Security Administration Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2019cv03587 -
Social Security: DIWC/DIWW §42:405
Judge: Catherine M Salinas, Amy Totenberg
Xiomara Bailey Office of Disability Adjudication, Review, W. Carolyn Colvin, The Appeal Council # 1:2015cv02532 -
Disability Insurance §42:405
Judge: Eleanor L. Ross
Xavier D. Worthy Michael Astrue Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2010mi00049 -
Social Security: SSID Tit. XVI §
Xiaoke Zhao LLC, J. K. Williams, National Casualty Company, Charles Morris Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2014cv01566 -
Motor Vehicle §28:1441
Judge: Thomas W. Thrash,
jury demanded by Both
Xiaoyun Lucy Lu Airtran Airways, Inc. # 1:2013cv01846 -
P.I.: Other §
Judge: Clarence Cooper
Xavier Davis Delta Airlines # 1:2020cv00324 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §29:626
Judge: Christopher C Bly, Clarence Cooper
Xiomara Smith Southern States Bank, Inc. Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2017cv03350 -
Employment §42:2000
Judge: Steve C Jones,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xcaliber International, Ltd., L.L.C. Sam Olens, ex rel., State of Georgia Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2016cv03665 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Steve C Jones
XXXXXX Jackson, Octavia Lindsey John Doe, DeKalb County Board of Education, Jeff Perkins, John Doe II, Jane Doe, John Doe III, DeKalb County Schools Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2014cv01578 -
Other Civil Rights §20:1683
Judge: Steve C Jones,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
# 1:2012cv00013 -
Employment §42:2000
Judge: W. Louis Sands,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavier Clemons, Margertte Clemons Joy, The Social Security Administration Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2011cv00725 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Timothy C. Batten
Xavier Clemons Norton Steven, Dekalb County Fire Dept. No. 26, Holman Roderick, Board of Commissioners Dekalb County Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2011cv00698 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Timothy C. Batten
Xavier Clemons R. Jones, John Doe, Myron Freeman, Elvine Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 1:2011cv00694 -
Other Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Timothy C. Batten
Xavier L Isaac Marsha Dyan Reveal, Child Support Enforcement, Georgia Department of Human Resources, Susan G. Hardin, Alligator Beverage LLC, Marvin Sorrells Filed: Oct 23, 2020
# 4:2009cv00039 -
Plaintiff §Federal Question
Judge: Clay D. Land,
jury demanded by 42:1983 Civil Rights Act
Xavier A. Jones LLC, Silver Line Building Products # 1:2020cv02042 -
Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Employment §42:12101
Judge: John K Larkins, Leigh Martin May,
jury demanded by Plaintiff

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