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Gregory Howard
More Information
F&B Mfg LLC # 2:2021cv00480 -
Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Employment §28:1441
Judge: Dominic W Lanzajury demanded by Plaintiff
Grand Canyon University
More Information
Miguel Cardona, United States Department of Education # 2:2021cv00566 -
Other Statutes: Administrative Procedures Act/Review or Appeal of Agency Decision §05:702
Judge: Douglas L Rayes
Gary Steven Christensen
More Information
United States of America # 3:2021mc08000 -
Other Statutes: Other Statutory Actions §26:7609
Judge: G Murray Snow
Gerald Raben
More Information
Terros Incorporated # 2:2021cv00774 -
Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Employment §28:1441
Judge: Douglas L Rayesjury demanded by Plaintiff
Guarantee Company of North America USA
More Information
Aaron Steed, R Wesley Coers, Equitable LLC a as Management Utah limited liability company doing business Trinity Construction # 2:2021mc00026 -
Other Statutes: Other Statutory Actions §
Great Western Bank
More Information
Michael A Hochman, Clear Vision Express Limited, Avery Holdings Limited, Avery Commercial Small C LLC, Michael A Hochman Family LP, Clear Vision Express Tucson 2 LLC # 2:2021cv00883 -
Contract: Other §28:1441
Judge: Michael T Liburdi
Great West Casualty Company
More Information
Stephen Nobles, State 2 State Trucks Incorporated # 3:2021cv08138 -
Personal Injury: Motor Vehicle §28:1332
Judge: Steven P Loganjury demanded by Plaintiff
Gabriel Handson
More Information
McLane Sunwest Incorporated, McLane Suneast as Incorporated doing business McLane Sunwest, McLane Company Incorporated # 2:2021cv01077 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §42:1981
Judge: John J Tuchijury demanded by Plaintiff
Geoffrey Gephart
More Information
Equifax Information Services LLC # 2:2021cv01121 -
Other Statutes: Consumer Credit §15:1681
Judge: John Z Boylejury demanded by Plaintiff
Gopal Velu
More Information
Aristotle Air Conditioning, Heating LLC, Unknown Parties # 2:2021cv01188 -
Personal Injury: Prod. Liability §28:1441
Judge: Deborah M Finejury demanded by Plaintiff
Gary Copen
More Information
Carlyle Stien # 2:2021cv01205 -
Civil Rights: Other §42:1983
Judge: Steven P Logan
Gina Dyer
More Information
Northstar Location Services LLC # 2:2021cv01235 -
Other Statutes: Consumer Credit §15:1692
Judge: Steven P Loganjury demanded by Plaintiff
Gustavo U Ramirez
More Information
Smith's Food & Drug Centers Incorporated an Ohio corporation doing business as Fry's Food Stores, Kroger Company, Unknown Parties # 2:2021cv01301 -
Personal Injury: Other §28:1441
Judge: Michael T Morrissey
Garbis Satamian
More Information AC Watercraft Rental LLC
More Information
Risk Placement Services Incorporated, Farm Bureau Financial Services, Nautilus Insurance Company, Great Divide Insurance Company, Unknown Parties # 2:2021cv01349 -
Contract: Insurance §28:1441
Judge: John J Tuchijury demanded by Plaintiff
Ginger Price DDS LLC
More Information
Martin Giniger & Company Incorporated, Martin Giniger, Total Clean Holdings LLC # 2:2021cv01439 -
Contract: Other §28:2201
Judge: Susan R Bolton
Grant Winthrop
More Information
Brit Syndicates Limited Syndicate 2987 at Lloyds # 2:2021cv01476 -
Contract: Other §28:1441
Judge: Michelle H Burnsjury demanded by Plaintiff
Gregory Arnold
More Information
Beemer Haus LLC # 2:2021cv01450 -
Other Statutes: Other Statutory Actions §28:1331
Judge: Susan M Brnovichjury demanded by Plaintiff
Grady Hillis
More Information Grady Hillis Realty
More Information GLH Property Investments LLC
FBS, Arizona Association of Realtors, Arizona Realtors, Unknown Parties, National Association of Realtors, White Mountain Association of Realtors, Financial Business Solutions LLC, FLEXMLS, Supra # 3:2021cv08194 -
Contract: Other §28:1331
Judge: Steven P Logan
Globaltranz Enterprises LLC
More Information
Ameren Services Company # 2:2021cv01522 -
Contract: Other §28:2201
Judge: Michael T Liburdi

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