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Plaintiff /
Defendant Name
Petitioner /
Respondent Name
Filed, Nature of Suit, Judge
XL Specialty Insurance Company El Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, Inc. # 1:2010cv00037 -
Insurance §28:1332 Diversity-Declara
Judge: Bert W. Milling
Xavier Douthard UNUM Filed: Jan 15, 2021
# 4:2019cv01718 -
Labor: E.R.I.S.A. §28:1441eri
Judge: Annemarie Carney Axon
Xavier Rasberry, Mark Bentley Townsend Tree Service Company, LLC Filed: Jan 15, 2021
# 1:2019cv00211 -
Labor: Fair Standards §29:201
Judge: Annemarie Carney Axon,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xanathe Harper Caroline's Country Store Filed: Jan 16, 2021
# 2:2017cv00612 -
Fair Labor Standards Act §29:201
Judge: Myron H. Thompson,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavier Willis Ramon Arias, Bravo Food Service LLC # 2:2010cv01849 -
Fair Labor Standards Act §29:201
Judge: T Michael Putnam
Xtreme Concepts, Inc. Freeman Fite, The McClellan Development Aaron Authority, Acker, Willie Sonny McMahand, Eric Stringer, Tim Garner, Phil Webb, Bill Robison, Pokey Brimer, Willie Duncan, Jim McClellan, Brondon Collins Filed: Jan 15, 2021
# 1:2019cv00645 -
Real Property: Other §28:1332
Judge: Karon O Bowdre,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavier C. Reed Michael J. Astrue Filed: Jan 15, 2021
# 2:2008cv00292 -
None §42:405 Review of HHS Deci
Judge: Terry F. Moorer
Xuong Kim Nguyen BP America Production Company, BP Exploration Inc & Production Filed: Jan 15, 2021
# 1:2019cv00983 -
P.I.: Other §28:1333in
Judge: William E Cassady, Kristi K DuBose
Xavian Patton United States Postal Service, Edwinta Merriweather # 5:2019cv00937 -
Motor Vehicle §28:2671
Judge: Abdul K Kallon,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavier Lee Accredo Pharmacy-Express Scripts, MS Active Source-Biogen # 2:2015cv01013 -
Personal Injury: Health Care §28:1441
Judge: John E Ott
Xsavier Norris United States of America, The Filed: Jan 15, 2021
# 2:2007cv00582 -
Motor Vehicle §28:2674 Federal Tort Clai
Judge: James H Hancock,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xueyan Zhou Intergraph Corporation # 5:2017cv01033 -
Employment §42:2000
Judge: Herman N Johnson,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Ximena Haleski LLC, HCDJHAV Filed: Jan 15, 2021
# 2:2015cv02053 -
Employment §42:2000
Judge: Karon O Bowdre
Xavier Mack Colorworks Painting Company, LLC Filed: Jan 15, 2021
# 2:2013cv02263 -
Voting §42:1973
Judge: Harwell G Davis,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xingzhong Shi Alabama A&M University, Trent Montgomery, Denial Wims, Andrew Hugine Filed: Jan 15, 2021
# 5:2013mc00327 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §42:2000e Job Discriminat
Judge: C Lynwood Smith,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xabier Jones City of Montgomery, M. J. Jordan Filed: Jan 15, 2021
# 2:2010cv00940 -
Employment §42:2000
Judge: Wallace Capel
Xavier Hunter AFL Network Services, Inc., 1900 Telcom Inc. Holdings, # 2:2009cv00150 -
Plaintiff §Federal Question
Judge: William M Acker,
jury demanded by 42:2000e Job Discrimination (Employment)

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  1. Is there a way I can get a copy of the settlement or agreement of this lawsuit.
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