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Filed, Nature of Suit, Judge
PNC Bank National Association United States Department of Justice, United of States America, State of Alabama Department of Revenue, Ricky Joe Calhoun, Diane W Calhoun # 2:2020cv01152 -
Real Property: Other §28:1441
Judge: Staci G Cornelius
Paul Imsand Cook Group Incorporated, Cook Medical LLC f/k/a Cook Medical Incorporated, Cook Incorporated # 5:2020cv01160 -
Health Care/Pharmaceutical Personal Injury Product Liability §28:1332
Judge: Liles C Burke,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Part Two LLC Owners Insurance Company # 7:2020cv01047 -
Insurance §28:1441
Judge: L Scott Coogler,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Poarch Band of Creek Indians Doe 1-100, McKesson Corporation # 1:2020cv00438 -
Personal Injury: Health Care/Pharmaceutical Personal Injury Product Liability §28:1331
jury demanded by Both
Poarch Band of Creek Indians Amerisourcebergen Drug Corporation # 1:2020cv00440 -
Other Statutory Actions §28:1441
Judge: Sonja F Bivins,
jury demanded by Defendant
Poarch Band of Creek Indians Cardinal Health, Inc. # 1:2020cv00443 -
Other Statutory Actions §28:1446
Judge: Callie V S Granade, Bert W Milling,
jury demanded by Both
Peter J. Smith Montgomery Area Transit System (MATS) Inc., Kevin Miller # 2:2020cv00779 -
Civil Rights: Other §42:1983
Judge: Jerusha T Adams, William Keith Watkins,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Pamela Griffin EFS Finance Co., LLC, Ally Financial, Inc., Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, Equifax Information Services, LLC, Inc., Trans Union, LLC, Experian Information Solutions # 1:2020cv00801 -
Consumer Credit §15:1681
Judge: Kelly F Pate,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Patrick Gordon Wilburn Sparks, Anniston Army Depot # 1:2020cv01582 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §42:1983
Judge: Corey L Maze
Philip W. Wellman National Institute of Health, The Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control, Human Services, Prevention # 2:2020cv00813 -
Civil Rights: Other §28:1331
Judge: Myron H Thompson, Susan Russ Walker,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Paulette E Miller Wolfe Jones Wolfe Hancock Daniel & South LLC # 4:2020cv01642 -
Other Statutory Actions §15:1692
Judge: Corey L Maze,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Paulette Holmes, Steven Holmes Shirley Blevins Carrington, Fresenius Kidney Care of Tuskegee # 3:2020cv00853 -
Personal Inj. Med. Malpractice §28:1332
Judge: Kelly F Pate,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Paccar Financial Corp. Sandra C. Smith, Inc., Kay C. Smith, Kay Smith, Crocker Sandra Kay Crocker Smith, Smith's Prehaul, Benjamin Chad Smith # 2:2020cv00518 -
Contract: Other §28:1332
Judge: Terry F Moorer, Katherine P Nelson
Pamela J. McAllister Cook Group Incorporated, Cook Medical Cook Cook Incorporated, Medical, Incorporated, LLC # 1:2020cv00883 -
Personal Inj. Prod. Liability §28:1332
Judge: Stephen Michael Doyle,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Peter Podolski United States Air Force Officer Training School, Department of Defense, United States of America, Department of the Air Force # 2:2020cv00935 -
Civil Rights: Other §42:1983
Judge: Jerusha T Adams,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Precious V Douthard LLC, FEHRER Automotive, North America # 1:2020cv01808 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §29:2601
Judge: Corey L Maze,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
PJ United Inc, PJ Cheese Inc Deidre Marie Hennessey # 2:2020cv01847 -
Other Statutory Actions §9:9
Judge: Madeline Hughes Haikala
Priscilla Benedict Wingout Express LLC # 2:2020cv01833 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §42:2000e
Judge: Gray M Borden,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Persian Gallery Co Inc, IRRD LLC Kings House Oriental Rugs LLC, Christin Terrell # 2:2020cv02002 -
Contract: Other §28:1332
Judge: Madeline Hughes Haikala
Peter D Protopas Marine Insurance Company, The, Cobbs Alan & Hall Inc., Cobbs Allen Inc, St. Paul Fire, The, Twin City Fire Insurance Company, General Reinsurance Corporation, Standard Fire Insurance Company # 2:2021cv00033 -
Insurance §28:1332
Judge: Abdul K Kallon,
jury demanded by Plaintiff

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