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Nancy Hooks
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Police Officer A. Koerner, City of, Police Bryan Officer Munafo, City of Warren Police Department, Police Officer Lucas Doe, Warren # 2:2021cv10743 -
Civil Rights: Other §28:1343
Judge: Kimberly G Altman, Terrence G Bergjury demanded by Plaintiff
Nelson Gregory
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CE Power of Cincinnati, American Electric Power, OH # 1:2021cv00288 -
Civil Rights: Jobs §42:1983
jury demanded by Plaintiff
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Houston Casualty Company # 2:2021cv10898 -
Insurance §28:1332
Judge: Sean F Cox, Anthony P Patti
Neri Tawfiq
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Teresa Dufresne # 2:2021cv10976 -
Other Statutory Actions §28:1442
Judge: Paul D Borman, Patricia T Morris
Natassia L. Szewczyk
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Experian Information Solutions, Inc # 3:2021cv10977 -
Contract: Other §15:1681
Judge: Robert H Cleland, Anthony P Pattijury demanded by Plaintiff
Nichole Shamblin
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Green Dot Bank # 3:2021cv11175 -
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) §47:227
Judge: Sean F Cox, Anthony P Pattijury demanded by Plaintiff
Natosha Yost
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Dyllon MacDougall
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Ford Motor Company # 2:2021cv11478 -
Motor Vehicle §15:2301
Judge: Denise Page Hood, Anthony P Pattijury demanded by Plaintiff
Nate Thomas
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Hansen Collision Inc. doing business as d/b/a Gerber Collision, Glass # 1:2021cv00573 -
Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities - Employment §42:12112
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Nathaniel J. Hudson
More Information
Nickolas Darin, City of Allen Park # 2:2021cv11732 -
Other Statutory Actions §
Judge: Sean F Cox, Anthony P Patti

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